February 24, 2016

The sign was illegible…

I should have brought my big girl camera.  Alas and alack, my LG G4 pics will need to suffice.  My lovely friend Lisa and I went exploring in her neighborhood, which just happens to have a location (which shall remain nameless here) which just may have been featured in The Big Lebowski.  exploring socal-1exploring socal-2exploring socal-3exploring socal-4exploring socal-5Lisa took my picture, grin.exploring socal-7

This would be a fun place to come visit regularly; something tells me the street art probably gets changed up often-ish.  There were at least three people with spray cans in hand while we were walking around…

exploring socal-8

Even the palms were painted.

painted palm-1
Here is a link to the history of this location  - formerly a beachside neighborhood filled with bungalows - and the current local efforts to turn it into a public park.

exploring socal-10exploring socal-11
Oh yah.  My selfie skills are impressive.

exploring socal-12exploring socal-9exploring socal-13exploring socal-14
And on our way out... We needed to wait awhile for the line of other people who similarly couldn’t read the illegible sign came through before we could exit. 

exploring socal-15

February 16, 2016

Kauai: North Side Adventures

Once upon a time we Kellers hiked the most amazing, most astoundingly beautiful trail in Hawaii. That hike just about killed me (I’m not kidding – I’ve been mindful of and averse to hills ever since).  Those who know me, know I love beautiful vistas.  And those who know me know I was probably serious about the dying part, because when the dudes went back to do this gorgeous hike again, I stayed at the bottom of the hill.  Which also just about killed me (emotionally anyway).  While the dudes hiked, I explored caves, read on the beach, enjoyed a shave ice treat, and watched a stunning sunset. 

Big Dude GoPro-filmed all our island adventures, so if you’re feeling a hankering to explore Hawaii and see the sights – including the Hanakapi’ai Falls, feel free to live vicariously through our trip (it’s how I enjoyed the Kalalau Trail and Falls this time – without fearing death).

And here are my explorations while the dudes were sweatin’ the hills…
kauai keller-1
The wet cave.
kauai keller-2kauai keller-3
The dry cave.
kauai keller-4kauai keller-5kauai keller-6kauai keller-7kauai keller-8kauai keller-9
I was supposed to meet back up with the dudes at the trailhead around sunset.  I went a little early and settled down at Ke’e beach to enjoy the waves and the setting sun (and to be able to get a parking space before all the other sunset gazers arrived, so the dudes wouldn’t have to additionally hike forever back to the jeep…)
kauai keller-10kauai keller-11kauai keller-12kauai keller-13kauai keller-14kauai keller-16kauai keller-17
I loved watching the color hues of the lighting change so dramatically…
kauai keller-18kauai keller-19kauai keller-20kauai keller-21
My favorite hikers made it back just before it started getting dark.  Tired, sweaty, dirty, hungry, still smiling (Big Dude), and kinda grumpy (Little Dude).
kauai keller-22
And heading back to the airport to go home.

kauai keller-23kauai keller-24kauai keller-25
The End.

February 10, 2016

Kauai: Waimea

This is our first time to go to Waimea during sunset hours.  After successfully NOT getting expensively stuck in the sand at Polihale, we headed up the hill to run around Waimea for a bit…
This was such a beautiful serendipitous find off the side of the road…
This red dirt!  The stuff that makes Kauai’s coffee beans so good.  And their Red Dirt shirts so red-dirty.  And stains our socks (permanently, btw) and feet (not so permanently).
First time I can recall seeing this waterfall in this canyon.
After waterfall gazing, we hightailed it up to the Ke’e/Kalaulau Overlooks, hoping not to miss the sunset.  I wish my pictures remotely did this scene justice.  The sun was glowing, the water and waves were so blue, the clouds were moving/swirling/rising/blowing SO FAST.  A stunning scene; such a good GOOD show. (I kicked myself a million times for not having my fisheye with me).