September 1, 2014

Hummingbirds: the chapter summaries

1 Mama, 1 nest, 2 clutches of 2 babies, spanning Mar 25 to Jun 12, 2014…

First Nest: 
Part 1
Part 2

Second Nest:
Part 0 (meaning, I found one more after I linked everything else. d’oh!)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Second nest Chronicles: empty nest syndrome

 Hummingbird babies don’t go very far when they first leave the nest.  These little ones stayed in our bougainvillea bush for another couple days (maybe longer).  Spotting them was a little bit like finding Waldo.  The dudes were much better at that game than I was; little hummers blend in surprisingly well.  The pictures from here on out are with my 200mm lens (and a couple are cropped for closer detail).

hummers-65 hummers-66 They fluff and clean and preen …cleaning and preaningAll three hummers (babies & mama) are in the picture below.hummers-67 Flight practice.  One baby flew confidently earlier than did the other.  And returned to keep his (her?) sibling company.hummers-68 hummers-69 Stretching wings …hummers-70 hummers-71 Mama hummingbirds keep feeding babies for a couple days after they leave the nest..  hummers-72 hummers-73 At the same time she shows them “around”, where to find the best bugs and nectar …hummers-74 before she chases them away to live on their own.  Mamas will sometimes re-use the same nest year to year.  Or another hummer might use the nest.  Thus, we are leaving this one right where it is.  We are quite amenable to it being re-inhabited!hummers-75

August 28, 2014

Pepperdine NSO Week

The deed is done.  The Teen has packed his bags, vacated our premises, and begun his great adventure.  pepperdine nso-1 pepperdine nso-2 pepperdine nso-3 Unpacking and putting away all the “important” stuff …pepperdine nso-4 pepperdine nso-5 pepperdine nso-6 Obligatory selfie :-)pepperdine nso-7 New Student Orientation theme:  “happiest campus on earth”  (sounds about right to me)pepperdine nso-8 pepperdine nso-9 pepperdine nso-10 Outside their dorm, letting we parents take the roommate trio portrait.  pepperdine nso-11 pepperdine nso-12 Um, yeah.  A room with a view.  A really, REALLY nice view.pepperdine nso-13 pepperdine nso-14 And then I drove back home.  And I didn’t use the commuter lane.  And it all felt more than just a little bit weird.  But The Teen is happy in his new digs.  And thus, we are happy. 

August 26, 2014

Second Nest Chronicles: flying the coop

June 9, morning and evening …second hummers-50 second hummers-51 hummers 49dipsecond hummers-52 second hummers-53 second hummers-54 second hummers-55 second hummers-56 June 10, 9:15asecond hummers-57 4:00psecond hummers-58 4:50p.  And just like that, they had left the nest.second hummers-59 I do have one more set of pictures.  Two more days with our hummer babies …