December 9, 2014

Beautiful Life with Ivan the Great ... Orange County Newborn Photography

This is the story of Baby Ivan the Great.  And Big Sister Katie.  And Mom and Dad.  And what a Saturday morning looks like when 2-week-old Ivan decides to wake early, VERY EARLY, and cat-nap eversobriefly all the morning long.  Through feedings, and rockings, and holdings and swayings, and soothing walks around the block, and cuddlings, and diaper-changings … Ivan the Great sleeps momentarily and wakes sporadically and keeps all of us on our toes.

orange county newborn photographer-1 orange county newborn county newborn photographer-3 orange county newborn photographer-4 orange county newborn photographer-5 orange county newborn photographer-6 orange county newborn photographer-7 Still county newborn photographer-8

Big Sister Katie is descended from artists.  Grandpa (see his Katie poster and card below & in slideshow) is an artist. Dad is pretty artsy.  And Katie clearly follows in their footsteps.  I love her bold bright sense of color and shape.  When baby brother Ivan arrived home from the hospital, he delivered to her a fabulous set of Prismacolor pencils….

orange county newborn photographer-9 … which Katie is putting to good county newborn photographer-10 orange county newborn photographer-11 orange county newborn photographer-12 Still county newborn photographer-13 orange county newborn photographer-14 But sleepy.  Very county newborn photographer-15 And awake!orange county newborn photographer-16Time to stroll him to sleep.  Good job, Katie!orange county newborn photographer-17 orange county newborn photographer-18 orange county newborn photographer-19 county newborn photographer-20 orange county newborn photographer-21 orange county newborn photographer-22 orange county newborn photographer-23 orange county newborn photographer-24 Awake.  And county newborn photographer-25 orange county newborn photographer-26 orange county newborn photographer-27

And Katie, putting on the finishing touches on this beautiful work of art …

orange county newborn photographer-28
which came home with me :-) (oodles of thank yous, Katie!) and kept me company as I edited their pictures.  And such was a morning in the new life of Ivan the Great, a very sweet little guy who is currently completely unpredictable - and may be stonewalling Dad's attempts to make coffee in a timely manner - but who will, in the blink of an eye, be asking for the car keys ...

orange county newborn photographer-29

postscript:  I’m so grateful that photography is much like the art industry at large:  there’s a different flavor for everyone.  I know amazing newborn photographers who have a whole routine established with rules of engagement re: feeding schedule + toasty-heated-house + naked-baby-wrapped-in-blanket + baby-whisperer-techniques that create stunning, peaceful sleeping baby portraits.  My “niche” is at the opposite end of this art spectrum, I think.  My heart’s desire is to capture authentic story.  And this is the story-snapshot of Ivan’s beginning days – beginning days where he sometimes sleeps deeply and oftentimes doesn’t.  And life and art and Christmas preparation and celebrating and sports-tv-viewing and attempts to find time to eat a meal happen in the midst of all the unpredictableness.  And that’s the story we captured.  Authentically, and I humbly submit, beautifully.  I’m ever so grateful for families who trust me to photographically tell their this-is-what-now-looks-like story.

November 11, 2014

Daytripping SoCal: Palm Springs Aerial Tram

On my in-laws’ way to roadtrip thru AZ (that’s our cute yellow Soul in the mirror!), we sidetripped to Palm Springs to experience the Tram.  Once called Crocker’s Folly, it was the brainchild of Francis Crocker, who wanted to escape the heat on the desert floor by transporting himself to the mountaintop.  Beginning in the Sonoran Desert and ending in an alpine forest, the tram seemingly flies 6000’ elevation up the face of one of the sheerest canyons (Chino) in North America in a mere 10 minutes.  Pretty fun ride.palm springs tram-1 palm springs tram-2tram1palm springs tram-3 palm springs tram-4 palm springs tram-5 palm springs tram-6 Arriving at Mountain Station …palm springs tram-7 Looking down to valley floor.  All those tiny white poles are the ginormous windmills at the base of the slope.palm springs tram-8 My mother-in-law is awfully cute.palm springs tram-9 palm springs tram-10 palm springs tram-11 palm springs tram-12 palm springs tram-13 My father-in-law: King of “shortcuts”…  Luckily, we didn’t get lost.  This time.palm springs tram-14 palm springs tram-15 Bye-bye, Mountain Station and alpine forest and cool air.palm springs tram-16 palm springs tram-17tramHello, desert floor, palm springs & trees, and warm breezes.palm springs tram-18

November 8, 2014

Kellers Take on LA for a Day: Griffith Park Observatory

More traffic.  LOTS MORE TRAFFIC.  Last destination:  the Observatory.  Apparently all that traffic was because all of southern CA descended upon Griffith Park to watch the sun set.  griffith-1 griffith-2 griffith-3 griffith-4 Even the Moon showed up for the spectacle.griffith-5 Little Dude hanging out with Copernicus and Sir Newton…scientists griffith-6 griffith-7 griffith-8 griffith-9 griffith-10 griffith-11 griffith-12 griffith-13 griffith-14 griffith-15 griffith-16 griffith-17 griffith-18 griffith-19 griffith-20 griffith-21 griffith-22 griffith-23