September 19, 2014

That Night We Chased the Clouds to the Beach …

And it wasn’t just the clouds that were spectacular.  The waves were putting on a good show.  The air was warm and wonderful.  Photo shoots were happening everywhere (I always get a kick out of watching those!).  And the sunset … it was a good one!
clouds-1 clouds-2 clouds-3 clouds-4 clouds-5 clouds-6 The wave sets were totally unpredictable.  This was pretty close to low tide, but the waves were pushing goodly amounts of water and coming from all sorts of odd angles.  I’m squared off to the beach (as a photog working with expensive gear, by rules of practical common sense, I try not to turn my back to the waves) – look at that wave washing in from the side…clouds-7 clouds-8 clouds-9 clouds-10 See?  Waves (deceptively “small” ones) pushing much water …clouds-11 clouds-12 clouds-13 Ummm, how was I supposed to see THAT coming?!?  So much for keeping my eye on the water (this one came in fast & furious BEHIND me)…clouds-14clouds-15 clouds-16 I have a few more lovelies – particularly the sunset - from this evening at the beach.  I’ll blog them next week.  Have a great weekend!!

September 16, 2014

Life is Good.

Warm evening, September sunset, amazing clouds, a refreshing swim, dudes, and chasing seagulls.  One and half minutes of pure beauty.
splendor-1 splendor-2 splendor-3 splendor-4 splendor-5 splendor-6 splendor-7 splendor-8 splendor-9
More to come from this truly awe-inspiring evening at the beach, as soon as I can figure out how to cull down 250 fish-eye sunset images… (I only brought one lens – and a “toy” type one at that – to naturally limit and discipline myself to fewer pictures; and then I blatantly exercised no restraint. Whatsoever.)

September 13, 2014

How Many Boys Does it Take to Build a Billy Bookcase?

Two years after we officially ran out of bookshelf space (one of the not-unusual catastrophes often experienced by homeschoolers), we bought a new bookshelf…

bookcase1 bookcase-1 bookcase-2 bookcase-3 bookcase-4 bookcase-5 bookcase-6 bookcase-7 bookcase-8 bookcase-9 bookcase-10 bookcase-10a bookcase-11 bookcase-12

September 11, 2014

Middle Dude in Laguna. At Low Tide, while the Sun Sets.

 laguna-1 laguna-2Aaah, Laguna.  Where else can you go and find a family-with-toddlers & mom-with-a-camera-location-scouting photo sessions shooting right next to a topless session?  And, no; that’s not unusual.laguna-4 This is the pool I’m going to come sit in during the next heat wave.  Which is supposed to start tomorrow. Sigh.  “Fall” in SoCal is never very fall-ish.laguna-5 laguna-6 laguna-7 Shells and more shells.laguna-8 laguna-9 laguna-10 laguna-12 laguna-13 laguna-14 laguna-15 laguna-16 laguna-17 laguna-18 laguna-19 And there’s Little Dude.  Lamenting that there will not be adequate time for computer games when we get home.