August 22, 2014

Continuing the Second Nest Chronicles

and facts.  Lots more facts.  second hummers-16second hummers-17Baby hummers start stretching their wings by gripping the silky nest with their toes.  No risk of falling out.stretching wings 18stretching 19Mama feeds her babies by regurgitating insects and nectar deep into their mouths.    second hummers-21I would often see their tongues quickly darting in and out after a feeding.second hummers-20Hummers are born already “toilet trained.”  They do their very best to dispose of poop over the side of the nest.  (see dark spots all over surrounding leaves)  I was very nearly pooped upon several times.  There’s very little warning for their projectile ways!second hummers-22 Check out the changing color of their beaks…second hummers-23 second hummers-24 Oh hello, EYELASHES!!!!  (and look at all that spider silk on the nest, tops and sides)second hummers-25 second hummers-26 second hummers-27

August 20, 2014

The Second Nest Chronicles, cont.

The next two weeks … They grow rapidly.  The nest expands to accomodate them.  They grow pin feathers.  By two weeks they are feathery enough to keep warm without Mama sitting on them.  Good news, because there’s no room left in the nest for Mama!second hummers-9 second hummers-8 second hummers-10 Their beaks get longer and darker …second hummers-11 second hummers-12 second hummers-13 second hummers-14 Oh hello, eye.second hummers-15

August 18, 2014

Hummingbirds: the second nest chronicles

It occurs to me that I’ve never finished this hummingbird tale.  Let me begin by telling you the ending:  “and they grew and they grew and they grew until one day they flew away.”  There.  Now you can relax into these pictures.  Happy ending.  I will sprinkle some hummer facts betwixt my pics …second hummers-1 Mama birds typically lay two eggs a few days apart.  These were 3 days apart.  Eggs are about the size of a jellybelly jellybean.second hummers-2 Eggs incubate for 16-18 days.  Mama is often on the nest, keeping them warm.second hummers-3 First baby hatched 12 days after we first noticed the egg.  Mama carries away the egg fragments.  Babies are born with eyes closed.  And their beaks are short.second hummers-4 second hummers-5 Hummer sibling hatched 3 days later.  In early days, Mama continues to spend much time on the nest keeping babies warm until baby feathers grow in.second hummers-6 second hummers-7
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August 16, 2014

Just a moment I want to remember …

Saturday morning.  Yummy breakfast.  Second cup of Kauai coffee.  Big Dude reading favorite excerpts from Chesterton essays he’d read.  Two days before The Teen leaves for college.

IMG_2280 IMG_2281 IMG_2283

From “Lying in Bed” by C.K. Chesterton …

“But for the beautiful experiment of lying in bed I might never have discovered it. For years I have been looking for some blank spaces in a modern house to draw on. Paper is much too small for any really allegorical design; as Cyrano de Bergerac says, “Il me faut des gĂ©ants” [“I need giants”]. But when I tried to find these fine clear spaces in the modern rooms such as we all live in I was continually disappointed. I found an endless pattern and complication of small objects hung like a curtain of fine links between me and my desire. I examined the walls; I found them to my surprise to be already covered with wallpaper, and I found the wallpaper to be already covered with uninteresting images, all bearing a ridiculous resemblance to each other. I could not understand why one arbitrary symbol (a symbol apparently entirely devoid of any religious or philosophical significance) should thus be sprinkled all over my nice walls like a sort of small-pox. The Bible must be referring to wallpapers, I think, when it says, “Use not vain repetitions, as the Gentiles do.” …