January 30, 2015

January 27, 2015

Ways to Use Your Photos…

I am a huge, HUGE, proponent of using your photos, seeing your photos, having your heart regularly warmed by your photos, and NOT merely letting your photos languish in the depths of your hard drive.  I’m so passionate about using my photos and encouraging YOU to use yours, that I’ve written numerous articles to help you brainstorm ways to enjoy your images in everyday life …...

Ok, we’re on a roll; let’s keep going.  Here are a few of my latest projects using my photos …

PILLOWS!!!  OMGosh!!!  Supercute, if I do say so myself.  Note: please know that “product photography” is totally not my gifting, and I live amongst a bunch of dudes, and my couch and coffee table have the war wounds to prove this, and so please overlook my poor-product-photography and my battered furniture and my run-on sentence, and look at those floral macro pillows!!  By the way, you’re free to make your own, or if you’d like to buy some of mine, I just opened a “shop”:  Susan Keller at Fine Art America

fineartamerica pillows
COASTERS!  My thoughtful brother & sister-in-law gave me a birthday gift certificate to Shutterfly.  I made/bought coasters.  Because, y’know, my dudes need a little more floral macro decor in their lives.  Oh yes.  They do.

For the last couple years, I’ve made PHOTO “thank you” CARDS.

PHONE PICTURES are fun to print, too!  I especially love these from Social Print Studio.  The paper is substantial and super smooth/matte.  They feel great in my hands and look delightful on my desk.  I’m thinking I’ll eventually put a large tray full of them on my coffee table, available for riffling thru whenever the fancy strikes…

IMG_7960 IMG_7962
I know I mentioned making a MUG in one of the first articles linked.  But now I’ve made three years’ worth of mugs.  These mugs (from Vistaprint – wait for a sale!) make me happy.  And I’m pretty sure they make the coffee a little bit extra delicious.


January 26, 2015