July 31, 2013

Living in the Moment: July Edition

We Kellers got our culture on this month when we went to the Da Vinci exhibit at the Discovery Center (aka The Cube, for obvious reasons) ...
IMG_8870 IMG_8872 IMG_8876 IMG_8904 IMG_8906 IMG_8914 IMG_8917IMG_8929 IMG_8941 IMG_8943 IMG_8947The Teen passed this quote and immediately said, “That sounds like an SAT essay prompt …” IMG_8950 IMG_8952 IMG_8961 IMG_8966IMG_8986IMG_8984IMG_8991 IMG_8997 IMG_9000  IMG_9027Obligatory long-armed selfie, just to prove I was there. IMG_9029 IMG_9032 IMG_9034 IMG_9041 IMG_9050 IMG_9052This grin can only mean that the Teen is doing something clever and devious and probably politically incorrect. IMG_9057 the cube
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July 26, 2013

June/July Galaxy-ography


An overnighter to San Jose, book club = Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell, Cafe Cubano …. simply yum (please don’t remind me it’s a giant cup of half and half with just a little bit of espresso).galaxy 1

Frisbee evenings at the beach, summer-izing the jeep, end of school, gym rats, rim trail at sunsetgalaxy 2

Beginning of summer vacation = trip to our favorite dentist, June gloom, Ultimate Frisbee (yes, broken-ankled Big Dude is back to playing … cautiously), work on workshop, Squire’s Tales = fun readsgalaxy 3

Little Dude’s sunflowers grow bigger than him, Discovery Science Center – Vitruvian Boy, window washing crew, new t-shirtsgalaxy 4

all pics from Samsung Galaxy 3

July 23, 2013

Frisbee Golf – SoCal Version

Not to be confused with the Spokane Version of Big Dude’s “back-in-the-day”.  (this course was a mere fraction of the size & splendor of that course and had exactly NONE of the gorgeous flowers. tho it did have some cute tiles) 

1 tiles0 acorn park2 IMG_9096Throwing it down Tron-Style… 3 tron style 4 IMG_9116 5 middle dude Goal:  to hit center post inside the rope pyramid…6 IMG_9144 There may or may not have been some frustration …7 frustration 8 IMG_9146 9 IMG_9147My favorite shot of the day.  Yes, it was my dumb idea.  And yes, I did get conked on the head.  IMG_9123 i was there too IMG_9173 IMG_9175 Back at tee one.  The end.IMG_9182

July 22, 2013


I spent the weekend mostly not getting out of my pj’s.  I caught up on a few months of our family album.  Which made me realize just how much of June dropped thru the cracks without me blogging our life.  Including this glorious morning we spent tidepooling with Nana & Papa…

IMG_6348 IMG_6351 IMG_6355 IMG_6365 IMG_6368 IMG_6370 IMG_6372 IMG_6373 IMG_6377IMG_6383 IMG_6386 IMG_6396 IMG_6397 IMG_6403 IMG_6436 IMG_6440 IMG_6444IMG_6458 IMG_6460 IMG_6464 (it’s too far away to see clearly, but there are seals on the left rock and pelicans on the right rock)