February 16, 2016

Kauai: North Side Adventures

Once upon a time we Kellers hiked the most amazing, most astoundingly beautiful trail in Hawaii. That hike just about killed me (I’m not kidding – I’ve been mindful of and averse to hills ever since).  Those who know me, know I love beautiful vistas.  And those who know me know I was probably serious about the dying part, because when the dudes went back to do this gorgeous hike again, I stayed at the bottom of the hill.  Which also just about killed me (emotionally anyway).  While the dudes hiked, I explored caves, read on the beach, enjoyed a shave ice treat, and watched a stunning sunset. 

Big Dude GoPro-filmed all our island adventures, so if you’re feeling a hankering to explore Hawaii and see the sights – including the Hanakapi’ai Falls, feel free to live vicariously through our trip (it’s how I enjoyed the Kalalau Trail and Falls this time – without fearing death).

And here are my explorations while the dudes were sweatin’ the hills…
kauai keller-1
The wet cave.
kauai keller-2kauai keller-3
The dry cave.
kauai keller-4kauai keller-5kauai keller-6kauai keller-7kauai keller-8kauai keller-9
I was supposed to meet back up with the dudes at the trailhead around sunset.  I went a little early and settled down at Ke’e beach to enjoy the waves and the setting sun (and to be able to get a parking space before all the other sunset gazers arrived, so the dudes wouldn’t have to additionally hike forever back to the jeep…)
kauai keller-10kauai keller-11kauai keller-12kauai keller-13kauai keller-14kauai keller-16kauai keller-17
I loved watching the color hues of the lighting change so dramatically…
kauai keller-18kauai keller-19kauai keller-20kauai keller-21
My favorite hikers made it back just before it started getting dark.  Tired, sweaty, dirty, hungry, still smiling (Big Dude), and kinda grumpy (Little Dude).
kauai keller-22
And heading back to the airport to go home.

kauai keller-23kauai keller-24kauai keller-25
The End.


Rhonda said...

So beautiful. I'm taking a Geology class, which has made me want to go, but this REALLY makes me want to go.

Anita Johnson said...

Thanks for the trip...it's beautiful there!

Unknown said...

Holy Mama that is pretty.
I want to go.
I want to take Kaish somewhere fun this year for vacation. Gary is afraid of planes.
I love your adventures. I love your book. I love the sand and the sky and the sillos.

You are beautiful.