September 30, 2012

September Edition: Living in the Moment

"It's all about living in the moment and appreciating the smallest things."  For this next year I’m joining a blog circle that documents life – life as it is; its details: the mundane, the fun, the beautiful, the not-so-beautiful, the happenings, the readings, the stuff. 


This month’s “small things” included games, more yummy enchiladas, trips to the library, trips to REI, puzzles, spectacular sunsets, fresh-baked bagels from the neighborhood shop, a trip to Bass Pro Shops for ammo (“Welcome, Fishermen, Hunters & Other Liars”) …


moments 1


a morning at the shooting range, funny clouds, Costco yet again, chasing those funny clouds to the beach …


moments 2


first day of school, cutest little brown-noser ever (flowers for his teacher), studying and more studying, revamping my photog branding (oy), playdates, the Tall Ships Festival …


moments 3


sunny hot days, coffee stops to make the Monday-crazy-school-driving day more tolerable, Dog Dude watching for rabbits, the beginning of our annual read aloud Jesus Storybook Bible, one of my favorite authors dropped a new book (which I didn’t like much; bummer), mini-Colloseum reenactment (aka feeding crickets to the lizard), a long overdue trip to the River (woo hoo!!!) …


moments 4


Little Dude looking like a prep school dude, bodypump, more school, super pretty clouds for the Endeavor’s last flight, new paper, PSAT prep (a little friendly competition with The Teen – I kicked his butt on the first reading section; he edged me out slightly on the first math; we tied on the 2nd reading; I edged him out slightly on the second math; and he kicked my butt in the writing … just for the record), fast-but-handsome haircut, slaying “charr” in the backyard, and a pretty night’s stroll with the dog.


moments 5


All in all, I’d say it was a very good month.


For more Living in the Moment posts, click on through to Anika’s beautiful blog …

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September 27, 2012

What Boys Do in the Desert

Seeking out our destination…where we're goingIMG_5535-2This spot looks good.  Setting up …IMG_5548IMG_5552setting upIMG_5576IMG_5578IMG_5602IMG_5601Keeping Dog Dude away from the line of fire …IMG_5607Benelli time …time for the big gunsIMG_5629IMG_5636Apparently, it has a bit of  kickback … (observe the evil grin and the grimace!)a little kickbacka little kickback 2Assessing the shooting success of the day …IMG_5652And cleaning up …IMG_5661(the view from the target)IMG_5666IMG_5675

September 26, 2012

September 25, 2012

Dog Dude. Doorbells. Debate.

Dog Dude is a downstairs dog.  He waits for me … every single time.  The steps at the bottom have the slobber marks to prove it. stairsLast night we had debate club at our house.  Dog Dude HATES the doorbell.  And knocking.  And feels the need to bark incessantly when anyone arrives at our home.  Annoying to the max.  So I took him for a long walk about the time everyone was due to arrive…  walk‘Twas a gorgeous night for a walk.  And Dog Dude humored me with a few portraits – he even posed a little.walk 2walk 3And before we ran out of light, we returned home.  To the debate cacophony.  But no barking.walk 4

all pics courtesy Android/Instagram.

September 19, 2012

Weekend at the River.

Well, hello windmills…IMG_6786Hello, endless miles of desert scrub.IMG_6790Hello, pretty purple mountains.IMG_6792Ahhh.  Hello, Parker Dam.  You are my favorite dam in the whole world.IMG_6793Hello, boat.  And dudes.  And dog.  Let’s all get cozy and spend a few hours in close confinement, eh?the river 1IMG_6799And, we’re launched!IMG_6810IMG_6811IMG_6829IMG_6837IMG_6839I must admit.  My camera came along, but it didn’t come out much.  It was hot.  It was wet.  It was crowded with people and equipment in our little boat.  And the dudes were none too fond of me requesting that they move so I could crawl under the deck to pull out the camera.  And that is why we’re already at the driving home pictures … Goodbye, beloved River.  Hello, long desert road with dips and purple mountains.  IMG_6849Hello, crazy destination sign-pole in the middle of nowhere.  the river 2IMG_6865Hello, lovely layers of mountains in sunset light …IMG_6876

The Teen took phone video footage of my sunset ski ride. The river was pretty. I was thrilled just to get up (it's been a loooong time since I skied). The dam makes an appearance at about 1:20. And then I get tired, and the Teen cuts me off.

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September 14, 2012

My Dad. And My Older Dudes.

At the driving range.  Papa treated them to a bucket of balls.  And lent them a couple of his drivers.  And gave them some of his expert advice.

golf 1golf 2golf 4golf3golf 5

intro pic 600px

It was sunny and HOT.  And I’m not sure that we have any Tigers amongst we Kellers (then again, maybe it’s latent talent we have and it’ll come out next time?).  But I do know that it was fun to be out with Papa.  Thanks, Dad, for taking the dudes to the driving range!