February 10, 2016

Kauai: Waimea

This is our first time to go to Waimea during sunset hours.  After successfully NOT getting expensively stuck in the sand at Polihale, we headed up the hill to run around Waimea for a bit…
This was such a beautiful serendipitous find off the side of the road…
This red dirt!  The stuff that makes Kauai’s coffee beans so good.  And their Red Dirt shirts so red-dirty.  And stains our socks (permanently, btw) and feet (not so permanently).
First time I can recall seeing this waterfall in this canyon.
After waterfall gazing, we hightailed it up to the Ke’e/Kalaulau Overlooks, hoping not to miss the sunset.  I wish my pictures remotely did this scene justice.  The sun was glowing, the water and waves were so blue, the clouds were moving/swirling/rising/blowing SO FAST.  A stunning scene; such a good GOOD show. (I kicked myself a million times for not having my fisheye with me).


Tracy P. said...

Ayayay...a glimpse of heaven through the lens of mere mortals. It's the story of all of our lives. Pretty glorious even still, but I totally get you. You will just have to go back.

Unknown said...

Oh my word. I love these photos. What a splendid trip. Is that lens the 16-24? I just rented it to shoot a house for my friend Fran. I LOVE it. I want it. Gary does not love or want it. Oh my word. It is such a great lens for street photography.

You better go again since you forgot the fisheye. You really need to.