March 31, 2015

Caterpillar-palooza, part 1

Both our neighbors across the street and the elementary school around the corner have planted butterfly gardens this year.  And there are currently oodles and oodles of caterpillars.  And they are ravenous! 

catepillars-1 catepillars-2 catepillars-3 catepillars-4 catepillars-5 catepillars-6 catepillars-7 catepillars-8 catepillars-9

March 29, 2015

May the Beauty of the Lord our God …

flower fields
… rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us --
yes, establish the work of our hands.
Psalm 90:17

March 25, 2015

Class of 2015.

 I again had the supreme pleasure of photographing the graduating class of Grace Classical Academy.  This particular group of students laugh easily and often.  They play hard, they work hard, they love well. I know God has great plans for each of county senior photography-2 orange county senior photography-1orange county senior photography-3 orange county senior photography-4 orange county senior photography-5 orange county senior photography-6 orange county senior photography-7 orange county senior photography-8 orange county senior photography-9 orange county senior photography-10 orange county senior photography-11

March 17, 2015

Destination: Joshua Tree BBQ. Finally.

But first: Big Dude's GoPro compilation of our day hike, replete with rock climbing/jumping/throwing/& bowling. Some stick action, too. And selfies. Of course.  Oh, and Middle Dude danced a jig on a narrow ledge.  I kid you not.

Again, we arrive at twilight.  We drive past the Ocotillo Patch, where the plants are just on the cusp of blooming.joshtree bbq-1 occotillo blooming Full moon…
joshtree bbq-2 We drive past the Chollo Garden …joshtree bbq-3 joshtree bbq-4 joshtree bbq-5 joshtree bbq-6 Two of us do a token rock climb.  Three of us wait in the car.  Because, COLD, WINDY, Brrrr.joshtree bbq-7 Ok.  BBQ pit bound.  Campgrounds are again heavily populated, but not full this time.joshtree bbq-8 joshtree bbq-9 And we find a pit.  And we start a fire.joshtree bbq-10 joshtree bbq-11 joshtree bbq-12 And we attempt to bbq bacon, hot dogs, and shmores.  But honestly, it was too difficult to keep the fire rip-roaring long enough to do any serious amount of cooking.  Because, COLD (low 40s), breezy, wimpy wood, high-altitude.  So, the dogs were luke-cool and the bacon was barely crispy (and we won’t talk about how long it took to attempt crispy!), but the shmores were just fine.  And we brought that fire smell back with us in the car and hours later into our home.  And days of airing out and laundry loads later, the smoke smell was but a distant memory.joshtree bbq-13

March 11, 2015

Daytrip: Destination Mecca Hills, arrow marks the spot

mecca hills daytrip-45

Big Dude, gopro-ing.  Isn’t he cute?

mecca hills daytrip-44 mecca hills daytrip-47mecca hills daytrip-46

Double selfie :-) :-)


Someone was kind enough to mark this spot VERY CLEARLY.  This is the way to the slot canyons – the way that has been blocked by a couple rock slides – the way in which we were unable to go.  Because Dog Dude.

mecca hills daytrip-48 mecca hills daytrip-49 mecca hills daytrip-50 mecca hills daytrip-51 mecca hills daytrip-52 
This was the end of the trail for us.  Again, Dog Dude.  He just doesn’t like climbing ladders.  Go figure.

mecca hills daytrip-53 mecca hills daytrip-54 mecca hills daytrip-55 mecca hills daytrip-56 

Middle Dude, the fearless one.  Needless to say, my technique for going down the ladder looked a little more … traditional.

mecca hills daytrip-57 mecca hills daytrip-58 mecca hills daytrip-59 mecca hills daytrip-60 mecca hills daytrip-61 Thus ends our Ladder Canyon hike.  Next stop:  BBQ dinner in Joshua Tree.  Spoiler:  this time we did indeed get a firepit and the car smelled thoroughly of smoke the whole way home.