June 30, 2012

Enjoying Life

orange county family beach photographer-3

Photo Challenge Submission

Great prizes and lovely photos this week at I Heart Faces. Click thru to join the fun...

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June 25, 2012

Beautiful Life. Orange County Family Photography

This is quite possibly my longest post ever. And here's why: this photography session epitomizes everything I *love* about photography. Pictures can freeze time. Pictures can tell stories. Pictures can show you what your life looks like. Pictures can help you remember precious moments forever. Pictures can memorialize stuff & details that might not be heart-warming at the moment, but will be 20 years down the road. Let me explain ...

But first, let me introduce the H Family. They trusted me to do my "lifestyle" thing. When we discussed the all-important "what-to-wear" question, I answered that I would love for them to wear what they loved. This, of course, concerned Mom H, because Son was going to want to wear his beloved (and bedraggled & stained) soccer jersey - the same jersey he likes to wear to bed and wake up to wear the next day. Remember those details that aren't precious now but will be in a couple decades? Soccer Son wore his jersey ;-). And his sneakers, not sandals. Never sandals. Because he must always be ready to kick a soccer ball wherever he may find himself.

The "location-to-shoot" question was a no-brainer. The H Family loves the beach. So off to the beach we went. But not with picnic food or family quilts or fill-in-the-blank-stylized-options. Because the H Family doesn't *eat* at the beach; they *play* at the beach. They *read* at the beach. (And might I mention, Darling Daughter has a pretty sophisticated literary palate: Jane Eyre, Mere Christianity, Collected Poems of T.S. Eliot - wowzers)! They *hang out and talk* at the beach and *surf & boogie-board* at the beach. Those are the real-life, authentic details we set out to capture.

And thus we did. Capture, that is. Behold: a lovely family. On a glowy, gorgeous evening. Going to the beach. Hauling gear down the trail. Setting up camp. Playing, laughing, reading, talking, surfing, snuggling. Breaking down camp. Hiking back up. Garage - to beach - back to garage: here's the story in pictures ...

Helj-1lifestyle photographyorange county photographerorange county family photographer-4orange county family photographer-6orange county lifestyle photographerorange county family photographer-7orange county family photographer-8orange county family lifestyle photography2orange county family photographer-5orange county beach photographyorange county family photographer-25orange county beach photographer3-26beach detailsorange county family photographer-11paddle quad 2orange county family photographer-10orange county family photographer-12orange county family photographer-14orange county family photographer-13orange county family lifestyle photographyorange county family photographer-15orange county family photographer-16orange county family photographer-17orange county family photographer-18orange county family photographerorange county family photographer-24orange county family lifestyle photographerorange county family photographer-19orange county beach photographerorange county family photographer-20orange county family photographer-21

H Family - I adore you guys! Thank you for trusting me to do my thing. Thank you for not being afraid to be yourselves. Yours is a Beautiful Life, indeed.

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June 21, 2012

Summer Stroll Silhouette

IMG_4922T-3Canon 5d




Lightroom 4


One Willow presets


Florabella textures


a beautiful campus


a teeny tiny silhouette of my dudes

silhouette before after

June 20, 2012

Summer Evening Strolls …

IMG_4867IMG_4871IMG_4872Glowy golden evening light kinda soothes the soul.IMG_4890IMG_4896Black and white?  Or Color?  Sometimes I just can’t decide …evening stroll 1IMG_4902IMG_4903IMG_4911IMG_4910IMG_4912IMG_4915IMG_4937More indecision. evening stroll 2IMG_4939IMG_4944IMG_4952IMG_4956

note:  All pictures quickly & easily (well, easily, except for all that b/w/color indecision) edited using One Willow’s soon-to-be-released preset collection.  True story:  I wouldn’t upgrade to Lightroom 4 until I knew Jessica was about ready with her new presets for LR4.  She was.  I did.  And I’m thrilled.  LR4 and the new presets are both wonderful.