May 17, 2014

Breaking News.

Literally.  No, really.  Literally.  1st hummingbird egg just broke.  Little One is still laying on part of it.  Looking adorable.  Adorably ugly.
IMG_9691 IMG_9693IMG_9695
Zoomed in … egg fragments, Little One lifting head (stoopid noisy shutter!), one remaining egg.  Size perspective:  egg & baby are jelly-belly bean sized.  Itty bitty teensie weensie TINY.

May 13, 2014

A Hummingbird Tale

Once upon a time … (on Mar 25) … we spied a lovely little hummingbird lady on a nest right outside our front window.hummingbird-1 And she sat and she sat and she sat …hummingbird-2 on her two tiny eggs, until she hatched two very tiny babies (Apr2) – two very tiny, very hungry little babies.growing but tiny And she fed them and fed them and fed them. feeding time And she fluffed them.  And cleaned them.hummingbird-3 hummingbird-4 hummingbird-5 And little by little they grew (Apr7 - next three pics below).
hummingbird-6 last pic of first babiesUntil, sadly, on Apr12, a bigger [bad] bird stole away the babies.  And we were very sad.  (By the way, all the chicken wire you see was our attempt to stave off this kind of a bigger bird encounter.  Darwinists, we are not.)

On Apr30, Mama came back and laid just one egg.  May2, she laid a second egg.
second batch of babies And now she sits and sits and sits.  And we wait.  And watch.  And hope for a happier ending.
Oh, and Mama lets me come much closer now.  Happy sigh.

May 7, 2014

Galaxy-ography: April edition

Hummingbird babies hatched and delighted us until they unexpected & sadly disappeared (likely nabbed by a larger bird).  Succulents and wildflowers flourished.  I scoped out a photo session site (for young children) and was somewhat dismayed to find my rather large rattlesnake friend.  Beach date in the middle of the week with my mister and Jane Eyre.

galaxyography apr1

Pepperdine new student reception with the Teen (how is this even possible?!?).  Little Dude was rather enamored with the campus.  5 more pounds of Kauai coffee beans delivered: best way to start the day, par none.  Middle Dude got a new tshirt.  We let the boat out of the garage :-).  River bound.  The Teen powered down Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead and penned & submitted an essay in a week (in an attempt to win a scholarship). 

galaxyography apr2

Every desert drive needs a stop at the junk pole.  Went to Vivian Maier movie.  Mixels are Little Dude’s current Lego fav.  And they make good Train markers for dominoes.  Middle Dude adds another snarky tshirt to his arsenal (this one for his weekly ultimate frisbee games).  I read a bunch of fairytale-ish YA fiction. 

galaxyography apr3
Happily, Mama hummer came back and layed another egg (and a few days later, layed a second egg).  All is well in the world again.  And we reinforced the chicken wire around the nest.

galaxography apr4
all pics courtesy Samsung Galaxy

May 6, 2014

Game On …

IMG_8704 IMG_8705IMG_8714Uh oh.  Messy hair is happening …IMG_8715IMG_8710 Messy hair is prescient warning of imminent upset …IMG_8717 And game over.  I’ll allow you to conclude who won and who didn’t.domdip

May 1, 2014

Beautiful Life … on the Eve of Graduation :: Orange County Senior Photography

I still vividly remember meeting this young man in the check out line at the grocery store nearly 11 years ago.  And I'm having a very difficult time wrapping my head around the idea that he's starting college in the Fall.  Behold, a seven year old, all grown-up ..

Orange County Senior Photography-1 Orange County Senior Photography-2 Orange County Senior Photography-3 Orange County Senior Photography-4 Oh yeah.  I totally let my peeps chimp.Orange County Senior Photography-5 Orange County Senior Photography-6 Orange County Senior Photography-7 Orange County Senior Photography-8 Orange County Senior Photography-9 Orange County Senior Photography-10 Orange County Senior Photography-13 Orange County Senior Photography-14 Orange County Senior Photography-15 Orange County Senior Photography-16 Orange County Senior Photography-17 Orange County Senior Photography-18 Orange County Senior Photography-19 Orange County Senior Photography-20 Orange County Senior Photography-21 Orange County Senior Photography-22 Orange County Senior Photography-23 Orange County Senior Photography-24 Orange County Senior Photography-25 Orange County Senior Photography-26 Orange County Senior Photography-27 Orange County Senior Photography-28 Orange County Senior Photography-29 Orange County Senior Photography-30 Orange County Senior Photography-31