July 31, 2014

Hwy 1 Roadtrip: Malibu

The last leg of our quickie roadtrip (SoCal to Monterey Bay to the Aquarium to Pismo Beach via Hwy 1 with Elephant Seals, nonetheless,
to …): Malibu. 

Wherein, Big Dude had rockclimbing in mind.  We didn’t find the rock he wanted.  But we hiked up a hill, then went down a bazillion stairs to the rocky surfer beach that had oodles of funny crawfishy-buggy things, then back up the stairs (oy) and then up to the top of the world (seemingly. oy, again).  Have I ever said that hills aren’t my favorite?  They’re not.  But the view is usually pretty.  So, there’s that.  ;-)

malibu-1 malibu-2 malibu-3 malibu-4 malibu-5 malibu-6 malibu-7 malibu-8 malibu-9 malibu-10 malibu-11 malibu-12 malibu-13 malibu-14
We buzzed by Pepperdine on our way thru town and headed home.

Big Dude Go-Pro’d our trip and made this spiffy video.  I love GoPro in my husband’s hands and seeing our family thru his eyes.

July 29, 2014

Hwy 1 Roadtrip: ATV-ing on Pismo Beach Dunes

atv-pismo-1Alrighty.  Day 3 of our quickie roadtrip included 2 hours of ATV-ing on Pismo Beach sand dunes -- 2 expensive, epic, fantastically beautiful, sandy, windy, totally fun hours.  atv-pismo-2  So wonderfully weird to find oneself driving – ON A BEACH – in California.atv-pismo-3  We arrived, and Little Dude was instructed first.atv-pismo-4 atv-pismo-5 atv-pismo-6 atv-pismo-7 And then Instructor Dude totally sent Little Dude off.  All by his itty-bitty-baby-of-the-family self.  Alone. On a vehicle.  That he was driving.atv-pismo-8 atv-pismo-9 And then he group-instructed the rest of us.atv-pismo-10 He talked and talked and talked, and I could see his mouth moving and saying words, but none of his instruction was really reaching any of my brain waves, ‘cause I was “OMGOSH, Little DUDE!!!!”atv-pismo-11 atv-pismo-12 And then we were ostensibly ready to take off and join Little Dude …atv-pismo-13 atv-pismo-14 atv-pismo-15 And this is where I put my Big Girl Camera safely away in the car.  And everything that follows is my trusty, tiny, slightly-more-sand-friendly Galaxy …atv-pismo-16 atv-pismo-17 atv-pismo-18 atv-pismo-19 atv-pismo-20 atv-pismo-21 The clouds were kind enough to join us, keep the temperature pleasant, and throw gorgeous shadows across the dunes …atv-pismo-22 atv-pismo-23 atv-pismo-24 atv-pismo-25 atv-pismo-26 atv-pismo-27 atv-pismo-28 atv-pismo-29 That two hours of fun totally tired out a certain someone…atv-pismo-30

July 28, 2014

Hwy 1 Roadtrip: The Elephant Seals of San Simeon

Be very glad smell-a-vision does NOT accompany this post.  From 24 seals in 1990 to over 1700 seals today (on this stretch of beach), this was a pullover worth beholding.  These seals are fascinating – their floppy ways, their epic flatulence and belching and snoring, their sand baths, their ENORMOUS size, and their battling for mates.  Totally. Fascinating.

elephantseals-1 elephantseals-2 elephantseals-3 elephantseals-4 elephantseals-5 elephantseals-6 elephantseals-7 elephantseals-8 elephantseals-9 elephantseals-10 elephantseals-11 elephantseals-12 elephantseals-13 elephantseals-14