February 24, 2016

The sign was illegible…

I should have brought my big girl camera.  Alas and alack, my LG G4 pics will need to suffice.  My lovely friend Lisa and I went exploring in her neighborhood, which just happens to have a location (which shall remain nameless here) which just may have been featured in The Big Lebowski.  exploring socal-1exploring socal-2exploring socal-3exploring socal-4exploring socal-5Lisa took my picture, grin.exploring socal-7

This would be a fun place to come visit regularly; something tells me the street art probably gets changed up often-ish.  There were at least three people with spray cans in hand while we were walking around…

exploring socal-8

Even the palms were painted.

painted palm-1
Here is a link to the history of this location  - formerly a beachside neighborhood filled with bungalows - and the current local efforts to turn it into a public park.

exploring socal-10exploring socal-11
Oh yah.  My selfie skills are impressive.

exploring socal-12exploring socal-9exploring socal-13exploring socal-14
And on our way out... We needed to wait awhile for the line of other people who similarly couldn’t read the illegible sign came through before we could exit. 

exploring socal-15


CountryMouse said...

An interesting spot and one that I am sure could be made into a beautiful public space.

Tracy P. said...

Ooh, exploring with a friend. One of my favorite things to do! :-) Looks like a pretty cool place to do it! Hmmm, I wonder what that sign says...

Unknown said...

Your friend looks like so much fun! And that place? FABULOSA! I am worried about the sharp thing that is going to poke you in your eye during your selfie. Step up your safety game, Skell.