October 30, 2013

Beautiful Babyhood :: Orange County Baby & Family Photographer

Whew, this was a whirlwind of a session.  We had a hefty list to-do list.  We wanted to document the beauty, charm, and curiosity of Baby Girl as she turns 5 months old.  We wanted family pictures, Precious Doggie inclusive.  Beloved Uncles and Grandma came along for the ride, and Grandma additionally had a list of pictures needed to update her hallway walls (grin).  And lastly, Mama had in mind a special picture for her Thanksgiving card this year.  And we were going to accomplish it all in the “golden hour” before the sun set.  Well, minus the “glow” and the “sun”, check, check, check & check!
L Family, thank you so much for trusting me to be the one to photographically document your beautiful family.  I hope you enjoy your slideshow and picture preview until I get rest of your pictures into your hands!

orange county baby and family photographer-1 orange county baby and family photographer-2I posted this picture on Facebook a couple days ago.  I mentioned that I was pretty sure Baby Girl was going to grow up surrounded by people who loved her.  And in this picture below, a few of those people are reflected in her eyes!orange county baby and family photographer-3orange county baby and family photographer-4orange county baby and family photographer-5 I love that Baby Girl is clearly already enamored with the furriest member of her family …big bro orange county baby and family photographer-9orange county baby and family photographer-6 orange county baby and family photographer-7 orange county baby and family photographer-8orange county baby and family photographer-10 orange county baby and family photographer-11orange county baby and family photographer-12orange county baby and family photographer-14 Motherhood looks pretty stunning on you, methinks …orange county baby and family photographer-15 And I do believe that a mom and dad who love each other well and laugh together often is one of the greatest gifts we give to our children.orange county baby and family photographer-16 orange county baby and family photographer-17 Baby Girl, you are one blessed daughter.orange county baby and family photographer-21orange county baby and family photographer-18 orange county baby and family photographer-19orange county baby and family photographer-20orange county baby and family photographer-22 orange county baby and family photographer-23 orange county baby and family photographer-24 orange county baby and family photographer-25 orange county baby and family photographer-26 orange county baby and family photographer-27 orange county baby and family photographer-28 orange county baby and family photographer-29 orange county baby and family photographer-30

October 28, 2013

River Trip, the GoPro edition …

Or, how to stretch a 5 hour drive into a 6 hour drive.  Or, Oh No! Dad’s got a camera now, too! 
It’s got everything:  long desert roads, Dog Dude shenanigans, Colorado River splendor, waterskiing, tubing wipe-outs, and even a bikini, because Big Dude says GoPro doesn’t post a “Video of the Day” that doesn’t include a bikini or two or three.  Behold, Big Dude’s action-packed video masterpiece…

October 24, 2013

River Trip, Day 2

The two older dudes both had an early online class.  Plus Monday morning River water levels in the fall are pretty low, so there was no rush to get on the water (despite the lure of glassy water skiing conditions).  orange county family vacation photographer-1Day two was every bit as hot as day one.  And the boat was feeling a teensy bit cramped (understatement, from the perspective of a slightly clautrophobic passenger) – 5 humans, 1 big dog, food cooler, ski gear, one smallish shade from which to escape the sun …  So this time-out on the sand bar felt kinda wonderful.  Dog Dude was certainly appreciative of the ability to stretch his legs (understatement, again).stick orange county family vacation photographer-2stick2orange county family vacation photographer-3 orange county family vacation photographer-4 orange county family vacation photographer-5 orange county family vacation photographer-6 orange county family vacation photographer-7 orange county family vacation photographer-8 orange county family vacation photographer-9 orange county family vacation photographer-11orange county family vacation photographer-10orange county family vacation photographer-12orange county family vacation photographer-14orange county family vacation photographer-15
GoPro-ing my ski run ...

Big Dude skiing; he took the GoPro with him …boatandski2 boatandski3 And time to pack it up and head back home.  Moonrise.  And still very VERY hot.orange county family vacation photographer-17 orange county family vacation photographer-18 orange county family vacation photographer-19 orange county family vacation photographer-20 orange county family vacation photographer-21 Till next time, River.  I’ll miss you in the meantime.