December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

merry christmas 2013
"What, then, was God to do? What else could He possibly do, being God, but renew His Image in mankind,
so that through it men might once more to know Him?
And how could this be done save by the coming of the very Image Himself,
our Saviour Jesus Christ?
Men could not have done it, for they are only made after the Image;
nor could angels have done it for they not the images of God.
The Word of God came in his own Person,
because it was He alone,
the Image of the Father,
Who could recreate man made after the Image."

On the Incarnation, Athansius
merry christmas 2013-2

December 20, 2013

Dudes Getting Their Craft On: Star Wars Snowflakes

A couple weeks ago, my sister-in-law emailed me a video link to making star wars snowflakes.  I then emailed the link to the dudes and told them to wait until their dad got home to get started (because, in my mind, dudes with exacto-knives = potential emergency trip to urgent care).  To be honest, I thought the whole idea – while very awesome – was probably going to be an exercise in frustration, likely ending in tears for Little Dude.  Turns out, my fears were baseless.  Dudes had fun creating.  No blood nor tears were shed.  And look what they made!!!IMG_4203 Darth Vader was first, because his cut-out looked easiest.IMG_4199 IMG_4200 Middle Dude decided he was mantle-worthy…IMG_4201  and that he would like some company …dippyIMG_4215swsIn case you would like to access the video instruction and models:

And edited to add ...

December 12, 2013

Back in SoCal

‘Twas so nice to get back to the beach after our whirlwind DC tour … and be greeted by negative low tide and pretty tidepools.
IMG_4131IMG_4135 IMG_4133IMG_4136 IMG_4137 IMG_4141IMG_4157 IMG_4166IMG_4160IMG_4167It's good to be home again.

December 10, 2013

Field Trip – Keller Style, Part 8

Last Day – on which we brave the cold, wind & rain (don’t know why it wasn’t snow – it was 32*).  First destination: National Archives.  We got front row parking!  Unfortunately, there was quite a line … in the rain … so I and my big girl camera waited in the car while the dudes perused the Declaration & Constitution.  Of course, I wasted time taking pictures of the cold and the wind and the rain.
 jefferson-1 jefferson-2 jefferson-3 Oh look!  The cutest little Angry Bird in the Universe is back.  He doesn’t look toooo angry …jefferson-4 jefferson-5 The Teen requested a stop at the Jefferson Memorial.  To take his birthday portrait.  So I sucked up my weather-weenie self, stuffed my big girl camera in a plastic grocery bag, and ran the half mile (ok, maybe it wasn’t that far. but really, it FELT like 3 miles) from the very distant parking lot, thru the rain and the wind and the COLD, to the monument.jefferson-6 jefferson-7 the teen is 17 jefferson-8 jefferson-9 jefferson-10 jefferson-11 jefferson-12 jefferson-13 jeffersonjefferson-14 jefferson-15 jefferson-16 jefferson-17 jefferson-18Thus concludes our field trip days in DC.  Now it’s time to find our way out of this confusing downtown monument maze, get over the bridge, and hop on our plane home.  Where it’s warm.

December 9, 2013

Field Trip – Keller Style, Part 7

Day 4: in which we tour the Holocaust Museum and briefly buzz thru the Air & Space Museum the last hour it’s open.
holocaust museum
There was a quote that stopped me in my tracks.  Hitler in 1939:  “Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?”  He spoke this within 20 years of 1-1.5 million Armenians being slaughtered and was so arrogantly confident of the ignorance and apathy of the world.  May we never forget the atrocities of the Holocaust.

After the Holocaust Museum, we quickly walked over to the Air & Space Museum.  Quickly.  Because it was superduperawfully COLD & WINDY and because there was only an hour left before the museum closed for the day.  We passed all this prettiness in the glowy, golden hour light …
air and space-1 air and space-2 sunset wa monument air and space-3 air and space-4 air and space-5 air and space-6 air and space-7 air and space-8 air and space-9 dude and drones air and space-10 air and space-11 air and space-12 air and space-13 End of Day 4.