January 6, 2015

Commonsense Business Practices for Photographers

There’s an “inspirational” print going somewhat viral right now on photographer’s facebook pages.  It says something like this:  “Cheap Photography isn’t good, my dear; and good photography isn’t cheap.”  But, here’s the thing:  sometimes really good photography is really cheap.  And do you know why?  Because oftentimes talented artists lack confidence and commonsense business acumen.

At the risk of sounding arrogant, I hope to be an antidote to this problem, and to help photographers take off their “artist” hats for a bit and put on their business caps.  I am nearly as passionate about business theory as I am about photographic artistry.  I grew up breathing entrepreneurial business air –-my dad is one savvy business dude.  And Business was my course of study and my degree earned at university.  Marrying business theory and photographic artistry is a no-brainer for me. 
I have two different, totally-commonsense, business offerings: 

pricing strategies 001 (Side 1)
Pricing is truly the Million Dollar Question.  How much to charge, for what, and why?  It can be complicated; but not as complicated as you think.  Take off your artist hat for a bit and put on your business cap!  What this class is NOT: a one-size fits all pricing structure.  What it is: a comprehensive breaking down of the pricing "puzzle pieces" so that you can build your very own perfect-for-you pricing structure with confidence.  We will discuss basic economics (how supply & demand theory applies to photography business models), bare minimum pricing, and competitive vs. "happy place" vs. expensive pricing models.  I will definitely be providing specific pricing formulas for a broad array of products.  I will tell you the three items that I Don't Offer.  And NEVER WILL.  And why.  And we will examine three different overall structures by which you can organize and price your sessions.  Here's my bottom line goal for this class:  to give you all the tools you need to price yourself appropriately & confidently, so that you will be able to kick insecurity to the curb and never feel the need to apologize for your pricing.  EVER. 


Budget Friendly Business Beginnings 001 (Side 1)
I’m going to tell you a little-known fact about me.  When I was just a wee kid, and asked that none-too-original question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, my answer was always the same:  “A boss.”  And thus, when I matriculated from university, I walked away with my Bachelor’s of Arts in Business Administration.  And went into business.  And then had babies and bowed out of business (grin).  And then the babies grew up, and I dipped my toes back into business – the business of photography.

My photography business is strictly part-time … something I do “on the side” … my home & kids are my main gig.  Basic, good ‘ol-fashioned, business common sense has guided the way I’ve set up Susan Keller Photography.  From the very beginning, it has been my goal to look “professional” and “put together” and “branded” and businesslike, but without spending a lot of money to do so.

In this booklet, I set forth some of the best ways and the best companies I’ve used to make myself look professional on a tight budget.  In just 20 pages, I will discuss:  getting set up with a blog, website, social media.  Developing your own brand (in lieu of spending $2-5k to have someone else brand you).  Creating your own marketing materials – both print & pdf forms, and pulling together custom packaging. I will share tricks to make your printing dollars go further.  And finally, I will head-on tackle the allure of expensive workshops, and offer you online alternatives that will empower you with all the photography-business-wisdom you need at about one-third the cost of a typical 2-day workshop.

In sum:  this is a common-sense alternative plan to spending oodles of money to start your photography business.  A how-NOT to waste precious business dollars or spend frivolously beyond your means.  A how-TO get set-up to look beautifully professional on a very small budget.

Together, these two booklets – workbooks, if you will – are a one-two punch.  A big, healthy boost of go-out-and-conquer!  An antidote to insecurity.  Let 2015 be a year of new business beginnings for you.  Each workbook is $40.  Each workbook will pay for itself many times over as you incorporate savvy pricing structure to your business and in cost savings as you smartly and inexpensively set up your business to look professional.  I will send you a link to upload upon purchase.

Thanks for shopping!!

Beautiful Business Books

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Happy New Year and Carpe Diem!!!  Susan

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Rosanne said...

HI Susan,
I was wondering if by any chance you might be offering your BOGO sale on your books again any time soon?
I am definitely in need of this kind of information as I'm planning on gearing up my photography hobby into a business.