November 11, 2014

Daytripping SoCal: Palm Springs Aerial Tram

On my in-laws’ way to roadtrip thru AZ (that’s our cute yellow Soul in the mirror!), we sidetripped to Palm Springs to experience the Tram.  Once called Crocker’s Folly, it was the brainchild of Francis Crocker, who wanted to escape the heat on the desert floor by transporting himself to the mountaintop.  Beginning in the Sonoran Desert and ending in an alpine forest, the tram seemingly flies 6000’ elevation up the face of one of the sheerest canyons (Chino) in North America in a mere 10 minutes.  Pretty fun ride.palm springs tram-1 palm springs tram-2tram1palm springs tram-3 palm springs tram-4 palm springs tram-5 palm springs tram-6 Arriving at Mountain Station …palm springs tram-7 Looking down to valley floor.  All those tiny white poles are the ginormous windmills at the base of the slope.palm springs tram-8 My mother-in-law is awfully cute.palm springs tram-9 palm springs tram-10 palm springs tram-11 palm springs tram-12 palm springs tram-13 My father-in-law: King of “shortcuts”…  Luckily, we didn’t get lost.  This time.palm springs tram-14 palm springs tram-15 Bye-bye, Mountain Station and alpine forest and cool air.palm springs tram-16 palm springs tram-17tramHello, desert floor, palm springs & trees, and warm breezes.palm springs tram-18


Tracy P. said...

I would love to go there! Amazing perspective with the windmills.

Jessica said...

Fun post :) I finally went on the tram a couple of years back and it was really neat. I was recently telling my husband that I want to take the kids on it. Especially since it's only about 30 minutes from us.