August 28, 2014

Pepperdine NSO Week

The deed is done.  The Teen has packed his bags, vacated our premises, and begun his great adventure.  pepperdine nso-1 pepperdine nso-2 pepperdine nso-3 Unpacking and putting away all the “important” stuff …pepperdine nso-4 pepperdine nso-5 pepperdine nso-6 Obligatory selfie :-)pepperdine nso-7 New Student Orientation theme:  “happiest campus on earth”  (sounds about right to me)pepperdine nso-8 pepperdine nso-9 pepperdine nso-10 Outside their dorm, letting we parents take the roommate trio portrait.  pepperdine nso-11 pepperdine nso-12 Um, yeah.  A room with a view.  A really, REALLY nice view.pepperdine nso-13 pepperdine nso-14 And then I drove back home.  And I didn’t use the commuter lane.  And it all felt more than just a little bit weird.  But The Teen is happy in his new digs.  And thus, we are happy. 


Anita Johnson said...

Yes, I have done that twice now and then again when they married. Life changes at home and you do get used to it. God's promises to our kids makes these changes something to celebrate as I know your family will do. Great school. Amazing view. Is it too late for me to apply? Ha!

Christina said...

Wow! What an amazing place to go to school! I love your attitude...he is happy, therefore you are. :) I have a lot of friends who are having a hard time with littles starting school this year, and I am having a party every day because all three of mine are in school for the first time (the girls have always been at home). I feel happy because they are in a great place. It's a good feeling. :)

Tracy P. said...

Glad he is happy. May you notice the gifts for all of you in the year ahead!

stacey said...

Um....that view. Wow.
You are an awesome mom, and although I've never met them, it looks like you've raised awesome boys. He's going to do great.
I bawled like a baby sending off my first grader this year, I can't imagine college!