April 9, 2014

March Miscellany, part 2/finale

I live with dudes.  So, of course, my mantle decor includes Mixels, Murps, & Maxis …march-14 march-15 march-16 Garden plants that hung out in the kitchen for a couple days.  The poppy blooms open so quickly that Big Dude set up the GoPro to time-lapse film the process …march-17march-20 Missed the focus, but captured the action in all its glory!

march-21 march-22 Ayup.  Calculus and tv remotes live side by side …march-18Sometimes school blogging happens side by side, too.march-19This little lady set up her nest right outside our front window.  Lucky us.  (perspective: nest is about a 1” diameter)march-23 What every morning just before leaving for school looks like …march-24 I had to scope out our canyon for a photo session.  I brought a couple guinea pigs models with me to check the light.  The light was good.  And so were the models.march-25 march-26 Sometimes I just can’t pick between color or bw.bw or color march-27 march-28 march-29 march-30 march-31 March is when Trader Joe’s gets my favorite flowers.  And I take lots and lots and lots of macros.prettyness

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Anita Johnson said...

Loved that poppy movie...I need some of those! We are starting to pull out the Duplo's again for my grandson...soon it will be the Legos! I have had a Lego figure on a shelf for years, it looked like my husband when we first started dating...must be the mustache!