January 30, 2013

January …

What a blur of days.  Our whole family has fallen to The Sick.  Such a drag.  Tho, fun moments of life still happen.  Lots of beach.  Family visiting.  First debate tourney of the year.  Lunch dates.  My doggie nephew came and stayed a few days.  I finished a couple albums.  Sunsets were … awe-inspiringly spectacular. 

jan insta 1
jan insta 2
jan insta 3
jan insta 4

note:  all pics courtesy Samsung Galaxy III  :-)


Tracy P. said...

Not to shabby for a "sick" month! The kleenexes are hilarious! I am determined to shoot in from outside one of these days. Must! Love that!

So what were all the dudes doing on the canvas covered floor?

Tracey said...

I've been loving your beach photos on Instagram! My son is on the couch now not feeling to well. We never get sick in this house so I'm a bit sour over the fact that it made it's way into our home. Praying he can fight it off!

Unknown said...

What a fun and exciting month you've had!

Anita Johnson said...

Very fun, I need to make more collages...they capture the fun so well!