November 12, 2010

Send a Photo Christmas Card–and put yourself in it!!!

A Holiday Card. Every. Single. Year. That includes YOU. Yes, You!

I know. I’m beginning to sound like a broken record. First I encourage you to get in more pictures. Now I’m asserting that YOU should be in a picture annually that you send to all your nearest and dearest friends and family. Every year. Wanna know why I think this is a good idea?

1. Because your friends and family will think You look great (and they’ll be happy to see you!) and

2. Because they won’t see you aging if they “see” you regularly.  It’s like the frog in the kettle effect: all your aging happens a tiny little bit at a time – so slightly each year that no one notices. It’s a highly effective technique. Here, let me show you with 10+ years of my own family pictures …


See? I don’t look 15 years older, do I? Don’t answer that! Just nod your heads, smile, and tell me that I don’t look a day (or decade) older. And put yourselves in this year’s card (and next year’s and next year’s …), ‘kay?

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