November 10, 2010

Paradise …. Found.

And thy name is Jade Lily

jade lily-13

The house where we stayed the second part of our vacation was magical.  Glorious.  Delightful.

jade lily-8

With a view to-die-for …

jade lily-7

And a warm welcome-ness that invited us to go ahead and make ourselves at home …

jade lily-4

jade lily-5

jade lily-12

jade lily-10

And a pretty spectacular backyard …

jade lily-1 

right on a stream with giant monkey pod trees …

jade lily-6

and kayaks to take us down to the beach …

jade lily-11 

Even our computers were right at home (smirk).

jade lily-9

‘Twas a wonderful little “tree house” to live in for a week.  :-)

jade lily-3

And I want to go back. Yesterday. And stay forever. ps.  the “glow” that you see in many of the pictures is not post-processing; it’s the condensation that lived in my lens the whole time we were at Jade Lily.  :-)


Unknown said...

Oh Susan! It looks totally heavenly. Seriously. I am so glad you got to go on such a grand adventure. I love seeing your pictures from your travels! A tree house? That is just about the coolest thing ever! Love it. Love it. LOVE it! How can you wake up with a view like that and not have a magical day? Is it possible?

Sarah said...

gorgeous Susan! sorry you had to come home to this crazy cold! :( I'm gonna go back and stare at hat third one down for a while to warm me up...

Anita Johnson said...

Wow! What a place to stay! I know in a month I am going to go crazy here with the cold and brown coloring, but today here in Wisconsin it was almost 60 and I was outside barefoot! Now, that made looking at these gorgeous photos just a tad easier on the eyes!