November 15, 2010

Book List: Kauai

To my way of thinking, it wouldn't be a relaxing island vacation without some dedicated reading time.


Middle Dude brought: the last book in the 39 Clues series, and The Blue Fairy Book and The Green Fairy Book (both by Andrew Lang)

reading kauai

Littlest Dude brought an assortment of Magic Tree House books.


The Teen needed to bring along some school books (Classical Writing Herodotus & Caesar's The Gallic War) for his online classes. But he also brought along Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.


Big Dude's selections included Hunger Games (also by Suzanne Collins) and The Willoughbys (by Lois Lowry).


And there's my stack. By the way, I HIGHLY recommend both authors' books that precede Laughing without an Accent and Half Broke Horses (Funny in Farsi & The Glass Castle).

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Unknown said...

Books make me so happy.

Unknown said...

And so do you.

Merianne said...

I've never commented Susan, but your book choices resonated with me. My seven year old is obsessed with Magic Treehouse; he's read 12 or so since the school year started (or had them read in class). I loved The Glass Castle and COULD NOT put it down. I described it as both fascinating and horrifying and most of my book club heartily agreed. Half Broke Horses is definitely on my library list.

Love your work! (And your vacation looks amazing!)

Merianne said...

My link was wrong...sorry. :)

Merianne said...

And then the baby hit a button before I was done.
Good grief!!

Puna said...

You so inspire me with your family's love of reading. We're not that way but it's not for lack of trying:)

Unknown said...

Love that picture of him reading in bed with the sun streaming in!!!

Unknown said...

I love this post - because books make me happy :-) and so do pretty pictures -- your capture of the light in these is amazing! How do you get such pretty glowy windows! :-) Mine just make everything blow out . . .

anyways, i love it! :-)