September 29, 2010

Orange County Lifestyle Photographer: A Boy & His Dogs

This young man was such a pleasure to photograph!  ‘Twas fun & relaxing to explore the Mission, and we topped off our session with a hike up a hill in the hundred degree heat (summer finally arrived this last weekend!).


senior trio


It’s hard to fathom that any college is going to be able to lure this boy from his dogs …

a boy and his dogs

But I do know this for sure:  the reunion when he returns is going to be joyous!


And here's the session slideshow I posted on Facebook ...

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Orange County Senior Photography


Tracy P. said...

Oh, my my, Susan. Here I thought that one you did of the two little girls was the sweetest thing ever. This is amazing!! I am dying to meet this guy. If he were mine, I would be bawling over these photos and this slideshow. ;-) (If they are going to show it at his grad celebration they should have plenty of tissues on hand.)

Unknown said...

So handsome Susan! And you captured Connor perfectly. I feel like I know him : ) I love his dogs. And I love your light. Love, love, LOVE your light. Magnificent.

tearese said...

what fun ideas for senior pictures, some of the best I've seen in a long while! My satelite internet here is too slow for the slideshow though.

Presley family said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! You are so amazing!!!! I would love to have you shoot our family. You have such a way of capturing the person, the moment. Too bad medical bills wont allow that anytime soon.. wink!!!