March 10, 2010

i Heart Red River Paper!

and right this very moment, Red River Paper is having a giveaway at iHeartFaces.

Last year Red River Paper sent me a sample box of their gorgeous papers.  As luck (unluck?) would have it, my printer and computer were not playing nicely together at the time that I received the box of goodies; and being the complete techno-phobe that I am, I pretended the problem didn’t exist until recently.  And I sighed.  And I stomped.  I might have shed a couple tears.  Or not.  Anywhooo, my knight in technological shining armor (aka Big Dude) came to my rescue and made all my machines play together nicely.  And I finally tried these papers.  And I. LOVED. them. 

Here are some sample pictures of the annual family collage that I made (for my boys’ albums) and printed on various papers.  Keep in mind these are MACRO images (very close-up) so that you can see the paper details larger than life. 

Here’s the collage, printed on (from left to right):  River Linen, Aurora Fine Art White, and Arctic Polar Luster.


Close-up, same order as above:




Aurora Fine Art:




Aurora Fine Art:


And for birthday cards I just printed, here is double sided Polar Matte:



And here’s the super fabulous part of Red River Paper.  They make their ICC-profiles super-duper accessible.  Which makes it easy to make your printed product look like the image on your computer screen.  (rant:  I shoot with Canon gear.  I have a Canon printer.  In the past I’ve bought Canon Paper.  Wouldn’t you think Canon would provide ICC-profiles for their own paper to print in their own machines?  But, they don’t.  Not that I could ever easily find or incorporate.  Shame on Canon.  Kudos to Red River!  Rant over.)

So, head over to iHeartFaces and see if you can win …

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tearese said...

ooh I love those photos on art paper! Especially the fine art one. they look nice!

Anita Johnson said...

I have never printed anything myself...our printer is pretty pathetic. These papers look beautiful and your photo albums must be the envy of everyone. So well done. My oldest just got married this past fall and I finally handed him his memory books. One down, one to go!

Anonymous said...

All of the ICC files were loaded into your computer system when you
installed the printer driver. They can be found in the
(C:\Windows\System\Color) folder. I don't know about Macs.

The paper type abbreviations are:
PR = Photo Paper Pro, SP = Photo Paper Plus and MP = Matte Photo Paper.

I hope this helps.


Skeller said...

that DOES help. Thank you. :-)

Once again, my technologically-challenged self makes itself apparent!