February 24, 2010

A Brand New Family :: Aliso Viejo Photographer


One Adoring Daddy:



One Committed Mommy:



One High-Energy, Fearless, Darling Daughter, boldly embracing her new life ...

blog collage

... and quickly learning how loved she is!


You can read their sweet story here.

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Tracy P. said...

Love it!! What treasures these photos will be.

Kelsey said...

What a fabulous moment for this new family! Lovely images!

alpinekleins said...

Amazing story - how blessed are they! Great photo capture :)


Anonymous said...

We just looked at these together and Bela just loved seeing herself on the computer. She would get all excited at each picture and yell out Bella and point to herself. We are blessed to have you take these to show her, will for sure be part of her Life Book.

Anita Johnson said...

I looked at the beautiful photos and then I read her story. You can't help but get tears of joy in your eyes when you read something like this...a very bright moment on a dreary day...thank you!

angie {the arthur clan} said...

This entire session is just precious Susan. I'm heading over to read their story now! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi i love your templates. What do u use? Also, I am using aperture for downloading photos and retouching it at Photoshop. Do you have any recommendations for archiving and retouching photos?

Thank you,I just love the way you put together a template of pics. You are such a talented woman! thanks for sharing

Patty in Vegas

Skeller said...

Patty -
I use Fotofusion software to create all my collages (www.lumapix.com). Their website has a free demo available of the software.

Scott Kelby's Photoshop books are awesome. And every week iheartfaces.com has a Fix it Friday post that has detailed Photoshop steps for retouching.

I know nothing about Aperture. Lightroom is my go-to program.

Anonymous said...

thank uou you are amazing

patty in vegas

Unknown said...

She is delicious!
What beautiful love!