February 19, 2010

Legos + a Little Engineering = Halo Minifig

Please forgive me for adding even more testosterone than usual to this blog.  Big Dude asked me to.  And he doesn’t ask for much. ;-)

So Big Dude’s work contracts have been pretty slow lately, and since he’s not a man to let dust collect under him, he used his “spare time” to create these “Lego compatible, Halo-ODST-inspired, custom minifigs” (gotta be careful how I phrase it; y’know, copyrights and all…).  And he’s listing them on Ebay (his description cracked me up).

lego halo odst _MG_2904 It looks so simple in this rendering, but look at some of the minutiae details that go into the creation:

_MG_2905 _MG_2907

Pretty cool, eh?  And yes, all the Little Dudes have been quite interested in the progression of this particular engineering project.  :-)


Katarina said...

Now that, is cool!

Karin said...

Very cool. My husband would love it! :) I, on the other hand, remain befuddled by multi-dimensional drawings.

fxmixer said...

Super cool! Now that's putting his talents to good use!

Unknown said...

Get out of here.

Unknown said...

thats awesome does he make em with black plastic cause i hate paint.

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