April 26, 2016

Balboa Park, San Diego

When Big Dude’s parents visit, we go places Smile.  Last time they came, we hit The Getty and The Disney Concert Hall  and Griffith Park all in one day.  And Palm Springs on a different day.   This time we headed to Balboa Park…

What a BEAUTIFUL place to walk around!!  And if we lived nearer, I would be quite happy to go there regularly and walk around.  The historic buildings are lovely and interesting, the plants abundant, the pathways winding, neat neat neat.  What’s not so neat … how expensive everything is.  This is not Washington D.C. and [nearly] every museum is costly to enter. 

balboa park-1balboa park-2balboa park-3balboa park-4

We had pre-chosen to go to the Reuben H Fleet Science Center because we wanted to see the National Parks Adventure in the IMAX Dome Theater.  And you couldn’t go to the movie without buying admission to the Science Center.  See how that works?  oy.  Expensive movie.  The Science Center was just ok (nothing that we hadn’t seen elsewhere) and the movie theater was … disappointing.  You don’t hear me gripe here often (except maybe about traffic?), but this movie was EXPENSIVE.  And the theater (IMAX, Dome) was NOT GOOD.  The film itself was blurry, with “dust spots”, with crazy unattractive fisheye bend effect (and you know me, I have high regard and appetite for fisheye width), and our seats were totally craptastic (way too close for such a large screen).  And did I mention, expensive?!? 

balboa park-5balboa park-6balboa park-7

So anyway, we watched the movie, quickly moved thru the Science stuff, kicked our dissatisfaction to the curb, and headed back out to explore the pretty park. 

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