November 4, 2014

Kellers Take on LA for a Day: The Getty Center

LA is full of all kinds of neato stuff.  But we Kellers almost never ever go there.  Because, traffic.  And, crowds.  And, parking.
But Nana and Papa came to town, so we donned our tourist hats and decided to brave all that traffic and crowding and lack of parking.  First stop on our tourist day:  The Getty Center.  And first to-do item of the day: garage selfie. 
the getty-1 Second to-do item of the day: fire up the GoPro for an epic day of tourism adventuring …the getty-2 the getty-3 And this is where we discover the GoPro battery is not charged.  D’oh.the getty-4 To state the obvious, The Getty architecture is at least as wondrous as the works of art housed there…the getty-5 the getty-6 Ummm, this might have something to do with sending a snarky email referencing All About that Bass to The College Student.the getty-7 Van Gogh is kinda popular.the getty-8 the getty-9 Little Dude adds his own version of The Scream to Munch’s Starry Night.the getty-10 Monet. So pretty.the getty-11 the getty-12 Little Dude’s shoes don’t quite match, and we’re missing Dog Dude stage right…the getty-13 the getty-14 My favorite of the day: Rembrandt’s laughing selfie …the getty-15

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