June 10, 2015

Galaxy-ography: May 2015


Dog Dude walked to Smashburger with us, more caterpillar antics, wildflowers & coffee bean trees, pancake chef, Big Dude dresses up, rain, beach, teeny-tiny mussels & silly glass frames, field trip to San Juan Capistrano Mission, matchy-matchy hoodies …galaxyography may1

rim trail evening walk, Little Dude’s blah-blah-man creation, gaming, stormy beach morning, College Dude pondering Jurassic World, two caterpillars about to transform …galaxyography may2

one chrysalis, two chrysalids, Little Dude as PUCK!, MND at GCA, followed by The Merchant of Venice the next day at Looseleaf Theatre, followed by The Getty Center the very next day.  Culture overload :-).galaxyography may3

More Getty: gardens, Turner, Monet, laughing Rembrandt & van Gogh … so good.  Dog Dude and flowers on a cloudy morning walk.  Who knew? Our Soul is National Geographic yellow.  Big Dude’s office.  Sale sunglasses at Old Navy – some of us bought some, and one of us didn’t.galaxyography may4

June 5, 2015

Evolution of an Edit …

Felt like playing around this morning.  Meet my butterfly baby from a couple mornings ago.  She’s about 3 hours old in this picture, still in the midst of drying her new wings.

SOOC …evolution of an edit-1

+1 exposure, + One Willow Palette Vibrant preset, + edge burn, +Haze-Divine preset, + I bumped saturation a tad.evolution of an edit-2

The above steps are all done in Lightroom.  In Photoshop, I added 2 Lil’ Owls texture Crackle (#5 or 6, I think) – soft light, texture erased off butterfly …evolution of an edit-3

Also in Photoshop, lightened exposure a tad, and added Florabella Milk & Honey action at 28%. evolution of an edit-4

Of course, I’m happy with the image at the Lightroom-finished stage.  But sometimes it’s fun to play a little further …

June 2, 2015

1 Second Everyday: May 2015 ...

In addition to normal everyday Keller shtuff, stick around to the end for the transformation of caterpillar to chrysalis for the cutest Puck ever's soliloquy epilogue, creepy & cute juxtaposed.

Thanks to College Kid for adding beginning & ending frames, music & outtakes.