April 27, 2016

Catalina Canceled.

Our big adventure planned with Big Dude’s parents was a day trip to Catalina Island.  We had our ferry reservations and our island tour reservations, our lunch packed and our camera bags stuffed, our excitement level high.  We arrived at the harbor to discover the ferry was canceled.  Because Wind. 

So we defaulted to Laguna Beach.  Where it was also windy.  We explored the Laguna Art Museum, an art gallery, a couple stores, and the beautiful beach pathway.  It wasn’t Catalina, but it wasn’t a bad alternative.  I love where we live.

laguna art-1laguna art-2laguna art-3laguna art-4laguna art-5laguna art-6laguna art-7laguna art-8laguna art-9

Downstairs was a neat collection of paintings of Los Angeles “City Life” 1930-1950s.  I’m tremendously partial to watercolors.

laguna art-10laguna art-11laguna art-12laguna art-13

And here’s where they waited for me to finish meandering…

laguna art-14

And here’s where they waited for me when I last-minute decided to meander through the gift shop on my way out …

laguna art-15laguna art-16laguna art-17laguna art-18

More waiting.  Look alike much? 

laguna art-19

Hey, Look!  Jesus and Mary are displayed amongst the superheroes…

laguna art-20

Still windy.

laguna art-21

Many new beautiful art installations throughout downtown …

laguna art-22laguna art-23laguna art-24laguna art-25

So, not Catalina.  But not bad.

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Tracy P. said...

Yeah, not bad at all. ;-) LOVE the reflection of you and Big Dude in the watercolor city. That would be awesome in a frame. And Jesus and Mary--what a funky place!