November 8, 2014

Kellers Take on LA for a Day: Griffith Park Observatory

More traffic.  LOTS MORE TRAFFIC.  Last destination:  the Observatory.  Apparently all that traffic was because all of southern CA descended upon Griffith Park to watch the sun set.  griffith-1 griffith-2 griffith-3 griffith-4 Even the Moon showed up for the spectacle.griffith-5 Little Dude hanging out with Copernicus and Sir Newton…scientists griffith-6 griffith-7 griffith-8 griffith-9 griffith-10 griffith-11 griffith-12 griffith-13 griffith-14 griffith-15 griffith-16 griffith-17 griffith-18 griffith-19 griffith-20 griffith-21 griffith-22 griffith-23

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness, the clouds, and the sky.... wow.... beautiful! I have been to the observatory only once, and it was 13 years ago, and this makes me want to go again :)