February 2, 2016

Kauai: Kilauea & Hanalei

Kilauea National Wildlife Refuge wasn’t on my have-to-visit list.  We’ve been there before.  But there was rumor of 35-45’ waves on the north shore, and so we headed up to Kilauea to take a peek.  The crashing waves were mesmerizing…
kilauea & hanalei-1kilauea & hanalei-2kilauea & hanalei-3kilauea & hanalei-4
The GoPro stick.  It’s showing up in a bunch of my pictures.  Which means, I get to look forward to another fantastic Big Dude video!
kilauea & hanalei-5kilauea & hanalei-6kilauea & hanalei-7kilauea & hanalei-8
Back on the road to Hanalei …
kilauea & hanalei-9
… where the roosters and hens await your visit at the overlook.
kilauea & hanalei-10
Buffalo!  But, no, we didn’t see any.
kilauea & hanalei-11kilauea & hanalei-12kilauea & hanalei-13kilauea & hanalei-14kilauea & hanalei-15kilauea & hanalei-16
Hanalei Bay …

kilauea & hanalei-17kilauea & hanalei-18
Recreating scenes from The Descendants, just to amuse ourselves (and yes, that IS the right house) …
kilauea & hanalei-19
Hanalei Bay is north shore, but the waves were pretty tame here.
kilauea & hanalei-20kilauea & hanalei-21kilauea & hanalei-22kilauea & hanalei-23kilauea & hanalei-24kilauea & hanalei-25
The bar from The Descendants (Tahiti Nui).  Gotta be 21 to enter; sorry younger dudes.

kilauea & hanalei-26kilauea & hanalei-27


Anita Johnson said...

These photos are beautiful, the go-pro cracks me up and takes great pictures and Hawaii is just stunning!

Tracy P. said...

Oh man. Just scrolled through all of this. I'm definitely coming to visit you on your little piece of property. And your fisheye view of that foamy waterfall beach made me drool. And the flowers. Sigh. Glad you've found time to relive your trip and share it with us. Just lovely!