February 1, 2016

Kauai–Moloa’a Sunrise

This was every morning.  Down the stairs, over the bridge, cross the road, onto the beach: watch big waves while the sky lights up.
molaa sunrise-1molaa sunrise-2molaa sunrise-3molaa sunrise-4
I’m pretty accomodating.  I let other photographers enjoy my bay, too.

molaa sunrise-5molaa sunrise-6molaa sunrise-7molaa sunrise-8
See a coconut.  Pick it up.  Throw it.  Repeat.

molaa sunrise-9
One wave, four frames, just because. 
molaa sunrise-10molaa sunrise-11molaa sunrise-12molaa sunrise-13molaa sunrise-14molaa sunrise-15
Cross the road, over the bridge, up the stairs … more Kauai coffee awaits.

molaa sunrise-16

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