January 25, 2016

Hawaii–Pebble Beach

The beach at the bottom of our neighborhood, aptly named Pebble Beach.  In another 1000 years, the name can change to Black Sand Beach.
pebble beach-1pebble beach-2pebble beach-3pebble beach-4pebble beach-5
An unending supply of throwing matter.
pebble beach-6pebble beach-7pebble beach-8pebble beach-9pebble beach-10pebble beach-11pebble beach-12pebble beach-13pebble beach-14pebble beach-15pebble beach-16pebble beach-17pebble beach-18pebble beach-19

It didn’t feel like a particularly hot day, or a particularly humid day, and there was a very pleasant breeze.  However and nevertheless, we were sweating buckets by this point, and very happy for a tiny spot of shade.  I guess all that black rock kicks up some serious sweat-inducing reflective heat.pebble beach-20pebble beach-21pebble beach-22pebble beach-23pebble beach-24pebble beach-25
Time to hit the road and head to Volcanoes National Park – our first day’s official destination…

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Tracy P. said...

Pebbles+low angle=deep sigh. And also that last line up. How did they know you needed them to do that?