January 23, 2016


We Kellers played our homeschooling flexibility advantage card and flew to Hawaii last week, where we joined Big Dude’s parents and his aunt and uncle on their Hawaiian vacation.  We stayed two days with them in a very cute house in the Captain Cook neighborhood on the Kona Coast.

We arrived just in time to see our very first sunset on the Big Island.  Fireball.

captain cook-1captain cook-2captain cook-3
Fruit from the yard, leisurely breakfast, planning the day’s events …

captain cook-4captain cook-5captain cook-6captain cook-7captain cook-8The other house guest (there were several of these cuties) ...

captain cook-9captain cook-10captain cook-11captain cook-12captain cook-13captain cook-14
This particular neighborhood is steep.  I’m talking 15-20% grade STEEP. And the road goes on seemingly f o r e v e r - steeply down past an alpha-order of streets (just found the stats: road is 6000' long and drops 1000' elevation).  Our house was located on “K”, the blueish-greenish abode on the left.  Driveway was astoundingly steep, too.

captain cook-15captain cook-16captain cook-17captain cook-18
At the bottom of the neighborhood is a beautiful black pebble beach.  Those pictures next…

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Tracy P. said...

Ooohhh!!! All that staycationing is finally giving way to some far off adventures. Glad you got to go somewhere with College Kid before the Hawaii trip.

Now I want some star fruit and papaya. I would settle for just the yummy papaya, except that star fruit is just so photogenic! Pretty sure you need that photo on your citrusy colored walls!