September 11, 2015

That Sky. Those Waves.

The weather has been miserably hot.  Miserably humid.  I’ve maybe been whining about it without ceasing a bit. 

But all that weird weather has been making for some stunning skies and amazing evenings at the beach this last week.  I. Can’t. Even.

sept beach

So, can I make a confession?  I get kinda judgy about words.  And I get kinda really judgy about “grownups” adopting kids’ trendy verbiage.  And I’m all like, I get really REALLY, like, I-Can’t-Even judgy about my peers sprinkling their conversations liberally with “likes”.  It literally makes me crazy.  (see what I did there? and even inside these parentheses?)  Judgy isn’t pretty and I’m not making a case for my-way-or-the-highway.  I’m just confessing.  And linking – for the first and likely last time ever – to Slate, who’s making a pretty solid case for defending the usage of I-Can’t-Even.  The author equates this silly phrase with the ancient Greek rhetorical device of “aposiopesis”, which is a “figure of speech wherein a sentence is deliberately broken off and left unfinished, the ending to be supplied by the imagination, giving an impression of unwillingness or inability to continue.”  (definition source: Wikipedia)  The Slate author shows how this particular rhetorical device has been brilliantly used by Virgil in the Aeneid, Shakespeare in King Lear, and even more [relatively] recently by … the Three Stooges.  I really like arguments that use the Ancients’ wisdom to justify and educate.  In her conclusion, the author asks & answers the question: “So are Americans suffering from a profound lack of ability to process their emotions? Maybe. Are they suffering from a profound lack of communication skills? Definitely not. They're simply doing more with less.”   But.  Much though I appreciate ancient wisdom and smart wordsmiths like Virgil and Shakespeare, I completely disagree with this journalist’s conclusion.  I think people today just want to sound trendy. 

And so, I-Can’t-Even has become the newest mock-worthy phrase in Kellerville.


Julie Rivera Photography said...

Beautiful images, naturally. Humorous commentary, naturally. And in solidarity we stand against all things trendy. :)

Rebeckah Leatherman said...

I try to say things that kids say and my kids are literally horrified. Basically, Naji told me I sounded insane all summer when I patterned my words after his.

Tracy P. said...

More with less. I kinda like it. ;-) And Becky literally cracks me up. In the figurative sense, of course.

Josephos Rex said...

Word, mother. Preach it on those cray expressions. I'm not about that trendy verbiage life. Dat Slate article, doe. They've like never made a pretty solid case for anything, like ever.

Back to work. I can't even.

Anita Johnson said...

Sing it sister...I couldn't agree more!