September 1, 2015

1 Second Everyday: August 2015

This will go down in memory as the summer we went no where (not even a daytrip!!) and did nothing particularly special.  And yet.  It was still pretty great.  We were together.  Everyone was healthy.  There was lots of down time to do the things we like to do when we're not being busy ;-).

This month's distinctives did include College Kid going back to College and Middle Dude starting some "dual-enrollment" classes (counts for high school and college credit) at the local Jr. College.  Can I just confess?:  I have tremendously mixed feelings about using jr. college classes for Middle Dude.  Thus far, I've found the content of their poli-sci, history, and composition classes to be academically disappointing lacking and tremendously biased (while claiming neutrality).  So why do it?  Simply: Money.  Not so much for the immediate savings (online homeschool classes cost $600-800 each vs. dual-enrollment classes cost only minor fees + book expenses), but for the future college savings.  BECAUSE COLLEGE IS OVERWHELMINGLY EXPENSIVE.  So, there you have it: my financially-driven academic conundrum.

But enough on mental dilemmas .... here's some 1SE goodness:


Rebeckah Leatherman said...

Skeller, August looks like it was just about perfect for your family. I love that you are dedicated to your children's education in such a major way. Kaish isn't sure he wants to go to college. I will be OK with that as long as he is a productive member of society who leaves the world a better place than it was when he entered : ).

I hope September is just as tremendous for you.

With love, Becky

Tracy P. said...

Yeah, there are no perfect answers, no way to leave the human brain pristine. Perhaps the rigor can be sought in surfacing the unacknowledged bias? Or in figuring out how to get across the monkey bars in one second for September OSE? I'm sure Middle Dude's brain is not going to turn to mush just because of junior college.