September 21, 2015

9/11 Memorial

For years I’ve wanted to head up the road and experience Pepperdine’s memorial to the victims and heroes of 9/11. 

pepperdine flags-1 This year we just did it.  And brought Mom & Dad along for the ride.pepperdine flags-2 Bonus: we all got to see College Kid’s new room.pepperdine flags-3 Believe it or not (I still can’t!), he and his roommate had never bothered to open the windows and let all that ocean breeze in.  Little Dude didn’t skip a beat before he was over opening those suckers.  Believe me, that stuffy room needed some fresh air.  And, ummm, how ‘bout that view?!??!!!  pepperdine flags-4 pepperdine flags-5 Ha!  The desk he never sits at to do his work.  Instead, it’s a gallery of sorts.  Some of these items are for-real favorites.  Some of the items are a total joke.  I’ll leave it to you all to sort them…pepperdine flags-6 pepperdine flags-7 Heading down to the flags …pepperdine flags-8pepperdine flags-8-2 Some of us took the long roundabout route down a slippery slope.  My bad – my sense of direction has always been terrible.pepperdine flags-9 One flag representing every individual.  2,977 flags.pepperdine flags-10 pepperdine flags-11 pepperdine flags-12 pepperdine flags-13 pepperdine flags-14 pepperdine flags-15 pepperdine flags-16 pepperdine flags-17 pepperdine flags-18 pepperdine flags-19 pepperdine flags-20 pepperdine flags-21 pepperdine flags-22 pepperdine flags-23 pepperdine flags-24 pepperdine flags-25 Dad treated us all to dinner, and some of us (who aren’t at all worried about caloric intake) topped off dinner with Grom…pepperdine flags-26 pepperdine flags-27 pepperdine flags-28 The gallery behind us is full of works by “Mr. Brainwash”, whose story we’d learned and enjoyed while watching Exit Through the Gift Shop.  Unfortunately, we didn’t connect those dots til we got home, or we would have explored closer.pepperdine flags-29 ‘Twas a good day to appreciate having each other and to remember those whose families were sadly shattered fourteen years ago.pepperdine flags-30


Rebeckah Leatherman said...

Wow. What an incredible exhibit. Very sobering to see all of those flags and think of the massive number of lives lost.

I think a Walk to Remember and the Bill Clinton book are the jokes. I am almost positive he watches Frozen while he is falling asleep at night. I just know these things.

I love your Mom and Dad. How wonderful that they could come along. That selfie with you 2 beautiful girls together? Well, it is positively Heavenly.

I am happy you could be together. I am also happy that the window got opened.

Tracy P. said...

And I was thinking he used the water bottle as his microphone while dancing around and singing "Let it Go!" He probably wants to come to the tundra and visit me so he can do it on location this winter. I'd offer to take pictures, but I hope you'll come with him and do the honors! ;-)

Those flags have a lot of impact! Each one a life, touching a whole lot of other lives, all with stories of their own.

Josephos Rex said...

You can't really see it from that picture, but the book behind Neytiri is A Metrosexual's Guide To Style, because what enterprising young man living in the LA area could afford to go without one?

tracey said...

It's crazy how your middle dude has grown so much that he looks like older dude when he was that age and now I can't tell them apart! Why must our little boys grow into men?!