August 25, 2015

Sunset. Big Waves. Frisbee. Cloudy warmth.

All the Kellers together.  And now the College Kid has gone back to college.  It will be awhile before all these elements converge again.

frisbee-1 frisbee-2 frisbee-3 frisbee-4 frisbee-5 frisbee-6 frisbee-7 frisbee-8 frisbee-9 frisbee-10 frisbee-11 frisbee-12 frisbee-13 frisbee-14 frisbee-26 frisbee-15 frisbee-16 frisbee-17 frisbee-18 frisbee-19 frisbee-20 frisbee-21 frisbee-22 frisbee-23 frisbee-24


Rebeckah Leatherman said...

Christmas card?
Wishing your smarty pants the best year ever at college. Sophomore year was hard for me. I hope he rocks it out.
I love your beautiful hearts. All of them.

Tracy P. said...

That's a bunch of handsomeness there. You are a rose, but I don't see any thorns! Blessings on College Dude…and all the rest of you! Love the random frisbee in #2. :-)

Anita Johnson said...

So fun...Our old dog Buster ate all of our Frisbees. I need to get another one, just for grins. prayers for a good school year for everyone!