August 15, 2015

Galaxy-ography: Summer 2015

Things to remember about this summer … lots of great books, many beautiful butterfly successes (at beginning of summer) followed by many butterfly tragedies (by the end of summer – tachinid flies & OE parasites – bleck), College Kid taking summer school classes at local JC, moderate temps and cloudy days all the way thru mid-August, puzzles, palm tree pods, art festivals, frisbee & beaches.  All in all, a pretty quiet summer.  College Kid has one more week at home, and Middle Dude begins dual enrollment (just two classes) at the local JC on Monday.  How is it remotely possible that school is imminently beginning again?!????

galaxyography jun1

 galaxyography jun2

galaxyography jul1

 galaxyography jul2

 galaxyography jul3

galaxyography aug1

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Tracy P. said...

Whole lot of loveliness here as always! Your fancy coffees make me drool though.