January 4, 2015

Galaxy-ography: October edition

Whoops.  Got a little behind.  Closing out my 2014 Lightroom catalog and compiling my phone pic collages before I do so …

Beach.  Always beach.  More big waves.  I swear, this was the year of lots of big-wave days.  “Fall” came to our canyon. 
galaxyography oct1
Awesome Waves Weekend at Pepperdine.  Most awesome concert (Plain White T’s + Andy Grammer) while the sun set by the sea. Yummy food trucks.  Ridiculous lines at In n Out truck (never again).  Back at home, more beach.

galaxyography oct2
My favorite mother- & father-in-law come to town, beautify my flower pots, and yup, head to the beach.

galaxyography oct3
November & December, coming right up …

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