January 3, 2015

1 Second Everyday: Nov + Dec

Wherein my in-laws visit and beautify my yard and take us on adventures, and we go to the beach (a lot), and video-game (a lot), and practice Shakespeare lines, and Skype with IHF team in Florida, and walk, and attend Praxis + Christmas Carol + Cantata, and shoot and jump and punch and celebrate bdays, and welcome the College Kid home for T-day & Christmas, and capture proof of Big Dude’s puerile immaturity (check the odometer, yo), and make joke-gifts for brothers, and baking and worshiping and luxuriating in rain, and shopping and puzzling and catching creatures in the yard, and frisbee-ing and lazy-ing, and enjoying one another.  It all went way too fast.


Life with Kaishon said...

What a beautiful life.
I love the fast eating by Husband!
Also love the little lizard?
And the cookies!
And Grandpa working on the yard. Dads are the best. Happy New Year to my favorite videographer.

Kristin Klein said...

That is so amazing, what a wonderful memory from 2014! Such a great idea :)