January 5, 2015

Galaxy-ography: Nov-Dec edition

The Kellers take on L.A.  The Getty Museum.  Van Gogh’s Irises and the Laughing Rembrandt were two of my favs.  We sat in traffic.  Because L.A. (there’s a reason we don’t often go there).  We raced thru the fantastic architecture that is the Walt Disney Concert Hall.
galaxyography nov1
We sat in more traffic.  But still arrived at Griffith Park Observatory in time for a spectacular sunset.  It felt like the whole world was there to appreciate it with us.   We drove out to Palm Springs.  We rode the tram.  We hiked a little hike.  Little Dude tried to out-stare a stuffed owl.  The owl won.

galaxyography nov2
We hiked in the canyon.  In tshirts and shorts, in November.  Because SoCal.  We went back to the beach.  Don’t let the clouds fool you.  It was warm there, too.  It rained a little, yay!
galaxyography nov3
I walked the dawg and harvested some coffee beans and planted them in my backyard.  Beach, beach, more beach.  The College Kid came home for Thanksgiving…

galaxyography nov4
Time for all things Christmas-y.  Friendly adventures in old-town San Juan Capistrano. 

galaxyography dec1
Beach (still shorts in Dec), gym, RAIN!!, sunrise, homemade sugar cookies, first 2000-piece puzzle (fun), church, Dana Point Illuminocean…

galaxyography dec2

galaxyography dec3
Ridge trail bday walk to burn calories before consuming Smashburger celebratory dinner, before Little Dude threw up all over his fries (no picture. you’re welcome). 

galaxyography dec4
And thusly, I’m all caught up with 2014 Samsung Galaxy III phone pics. 

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Tracy P. said...

You rock the Galaxy. The Whole Galaxy. Seriously.

Can you explain to me how it is you look adorable in selfies? Every. time. I look exactly like I can't figure out where I'm supposed to look. Which is true.