October 31, 2014

1 Second Everyday :: September & October

beach, gaming, work travel, trip to IKEA for long-overdue & needed bookshelves, building said bookshelves, lots more beach, morning Cafe Cubano dates (we even brought Middle Dude a time or two), a quickie trip to Spokane to meet my newest niece, our awesome annual Fall trip to the River, the College Student obviously NOT at home, the gym, Nana & Papa are back in town, the Miramar Air Show (so much awesomeness!!!), gaming/beach/driving/tv/poop-scooping (same ol’, same ol’ …), catching & electrifying bugs (it’s a guy thing?), enjoying Fall in the canyon, ultimate Frisbee Sundays, Jeeping (still have the top off), Waves Weekend carnival & Plain White T’s + Andy Grammer concert, banana bread baking, foggy mornings, WA Nana & Papa come to visit, and Little Dude sports facial hair... our life in 1 & 2 second video slices.

Thanks again to Middle Dude for video/music mixing :-).

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Cheryl said...

Oh, I am such a sap! My eyes started to tear up as the music began. I do love that you are capturing your family in motion. I can't imagine that you will be sorry you have done this.