October 30, 2014

I Want Some Weather.

SoCal has weird weather.  September and October are way more “summer” than June or July.  And pretty clouds don’t happen nearly as often as I’d like them to.  And rain … well, rain happens rarely.  And super rarely the last three years.  This one afternoon back in September, we got dramatic weather.  The clouds, the dark, the wind, the threat of rain.  The rain never came, but the sky put on a good show for an hour or so.  Here’s hoping for some weather soon.  And by “weather”, I mean clouds with rain.

Big Dude timelapse GoPro’d it

 mini weather-1 mini weather-2mini weather-3cloudsmini weather-5

1 comment:

Tracy P. said...

I hope you get it! Casa de Keller is so dreamy. Palm trees and bougainvillea…now I'm singing "Our house. In the middle of our street…" Good times! :-)