August 8, 2014

Galaxy-ography: July edition

Continued weekly coffee date with Big Dude (Middle Dude is still trying to figure out how to crash that party!), Dog Dude is a little happier with the Jeep these days, a quickie trip out to Joshua Tree to photograph the graduated-Teen, 4th of July fireworks at Nana & Papa’s house, big waves at the beach, and graduation celebration.galaxyography jul1
Big Dude got me new workout leggings (which I decided were perfectly fine for at-home lounging, too – grin), the beach continues to be summertime spectacular, Middle Dude and I go to The Pageant with friends, dudes get ready for Guardians, and Big Dude and I enjoy the Art Festival…

galaxyography jul2
We take Big Dude out for his birthday breakfast and get him Kauai coffee beans (yummmmm), new summer reading, pretty sunsets, early morning walk (beat the heat), beach, frisbee, sunrise, pool, repeat …

galaxyography jul3

1 comment:

Life with Kaishon said...

I love your new pants. : )
And I love the kids.
And the dog.
And the jeep.
And the orange umbrella.