July 31, 2014

Hwy 1 Roadtrip: Malibu

The last leg of our quickie roadtrip (SoCal to Monterey Bay to the Aquarium to Pismo Beach via Hwy 1 with Elephant Seals, nonetheless,
to …): Malibu. 

Wherein, Big Dude had rockclimbing in mind.  We didn’t find the rock he wanted.  But we hiked up a hill, then went down a bazillion stairs to the rocky surfer beach that had oodles of funny crawfishy-buggy things, then back up the stairs (oy) and then up to the top of the world (seemingly. oy, again).  Have I ever said that hills aren’t my favorite?  They’re not.  But the view is usually pretty.  So, there’s that.  ;-)

malibu-1 malibu-2 malibu-3 malibu-4 malibu-5 malibu-6 malibu-7 malibu-8 malibu-9 malibu-10 malibu-11 malibu-12 malibu-13 malibu-14
We buzzed by Pepperdine on our way thru town and headed home.

Big Dude Go-Pro’d our trip and made this spiffy video.  I love GoPro in my husband’s hands and seeing our family thru his eyes.


Tracy P. said...

That just made me totally excited--we are about to see some aquarium action of our own, and now I will remember to use video. Not this cool though. Love that shot of the three trees.

Anita Johnson said...

Woow...it is all just so beautifully photographed...

Life with Kaishon said...

You have so many special days. It makes my heart happy. Truly happy.