August 22, 2014

Continuing the Second Nest Chronicles

and facts.  Lots more facts.  second hummers-16second hummers-17Baby hummers start stretching their wings by gripping the silky nest with their toes.  No risk of falling out.stretching wings 18stretching 19Mama feeds her babies by regurgitating insects and nectar deep into their mouths.    second hummers-21I would often see their tongues quickly darting in and out after a feeding.second hummers-20Hummers are born already “toilet trained.”  They do their very best to dispose of poop over the side of the nest.  (see dark spots all over surrounding leaves)  I was very nearly pooped upon several times.  There’s very little warning for their projectile ways!second hummers-22 Check out the changing color of their beaks…second hummers-23 second hummers-24 Oh hello, EYELASHES!!!!  (and look at all that spider silk on the nest, tops and sides)second hummers-25 second hummers-26 second hummers-27


Tracy P. said...

The detail in this blows my mind! How close were you? That mama must have known you were her ally!

Anita Johnson said...

Wow, these are some of the most beautiful hummer pictures I have ever seen...AND I would never have thought of black and white, but they are stunning too!

Skeller said...

Tracy - Anything with the babies, I was about a foot away and using my 100mm macro. Some of these super close-ups are crops. Anything with mama, I’m about 4-10 ft away and shooting at 200mm + cropping. I could come closest to mama while she was sitting on eggs. As soon as the babies were born, it became much harder to get a close-up with her.

Thank you, Anita!! I was surprised by the b/w, too :-).