August 20, 2014

The Second Nest Chronicles, cont.

The next two weeks … They grow rapidly.  The nest expands to accomodate them.  They grow pin feathers.  By two weeks they are feathery enough to keep warm without Mama sitting on them.  Good news, because there’s no room left in the nest for Mama!second hummers-9 second hummers-8 second hummers-10 Their beaks get longer and darker …second hummers-11 second hummers-12 second hummers-13 second hummers-14 Oh hello, eye.second hummers-15


Tracy P. said...

UH-MAZING detail! It's easy to forget just how teeny tiny all of this is!

explorenewness said...

GREAT images! Very cool.

Anita Johnson said...

I knew these were going to be excellent! (o: