August 25, 2014

The Second Nest Chronicles: babies at 3 weeks

The hummer babies by 3 weeks old are completely adorable.  And quite cozy in the nest, pushing the sides out a bit.

second hummers-40 second hummers-41 second hummers-42 A note about my photographic process … For most of these pictures, I’m about 12 inches from the nest, shooting with a 100mm macro lens.  The picture directly below is pretty much what the lens captures at 12” away.  The picture directly below that (the super close-up) is simply a cropped version.  The macro lens makes everything appear larger than actuality.  The nest, at this point, has stretched out to about 1.5 inches diameter (at the top).second hummers-43 second hummers-44 At three weeks, they’re both starting to stretch their wings, fluff/flap, and even stand up on the edge of the nest.  And I love the little flecks of irridescent green popping up in their feathers.second hummers-45 second hummers-46 second hummers-47 second hummers-48 They are now a mere 4 days away from exiting the nest.

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Tracy P. said...

Thank you for satisfying the inquiring minds! The detail in the nest is as much a part of the allure as the hummers themselves. What an opportunity!